Sights in Sado

Sado Gold Mine: Meiji Government-controlled mine (Doyu Tunnel) Course

A course touring the history of a modern mine where you can get a sense of its huge scale and dramatic evolution

Obata Sake Brewery

Head for the brewery for high-grade sake. Sample famous first-class sake from Sado

Chokoku-ji Temple

There are 30 kinds of Buddhist experiences. This is a temple filled with entertainment!

Leisure Facility Sashisuseso

Fresh seafood cuisine at the northernmost tip of Sado Island featuring local ingredients specially selected by shopke...

Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Forest

A mystical cedar forest which has existed for about 300 years with huge trees uniquely shaped through the actions of ...

Tenryo Ryotsu Sado Takigi Noh

As mysterious Noh performances float amid the fire illuminating the darkness, the true charm of outdoor Noh is experi...

Sadokoku Ogi Folk Museum

Marvel at the spectacular display of the completely reproduced Edo Era cargo ship with a total length of 24m!

Shiawase Jizo (Bodhisattva of Happiness)

A spiritual spot where Japan’s largest jizo statue prays for the happiness of the people

Rengebu-ji Temple

An ancient serene temple whose appearance within a valley surrounded by small mountains has been extolled as being li...

Ryotsu Port

Sado Island’s gateway which is most used by ferries arriving and departing. This is the starting point for tourism on...

Ogi Port

A convenient port to travel around famous sites in southern Sado Island. Come here to reach the historical district o...

Seson-ji Temple

Sado Island’s first Nichiren Buddhist temple with its simple appearance and a beautiful garden throughout all four se...

Daizen Shrine

A shrine with Sado Island’s oldest Noh stage enshrined in the middle of a tranquil countryside setting