Yajima Taiken Koryukan

Tour an inlet by tarai bune (tub boat). Enjoy your time on the gentle sea current

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Go out on the waters of the inlet by tarai bune (tub boat) originating in Sado. There is an enchanting view of two small islands joined by a red arched bridge, and on good days, you can enjoy the crystal blue sea.
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365-1 Ogi, Sado, Niigata
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A 10-minute ride on the tarai bune leisurely sailing on the bay

In the port town of Ogi at the southern end of Sado Island, you can try sailing in tarai bune which first originated in the area. On the tarai bune of the Yajima Taiken Koryukan, you can enjoy the rich natural scenery of an inlet with gentle waves, a vermilion arched bridge and the islands of Yajima and Kyojima. The slowly moving tubs are small but very stable, and the strangeness of sailing in such boats is oddly pleasant. It’s a short cruise at 10 minutes but with the simple and comforting Sado folk songs playing in the background, you can have an elegant time sailing in the bay while enjoying a chat with the women steering the tarai bune. On good weather days, the expansive crystal-clear sea can be seen right to the bottom where you can fully appreciate its beauty from the proximity that is only possible in such a small boat. If you ask the boatmen, you can also try your hand at steering the tub so why not make the request?

The secret of the tarai bune of Ogi

The tarai bune are small boats derived from tubs, and there is a story behind them. Due to the Sado-Ogi earthquake which occurred in 1802 in the latter half of the Edo Era, the entire topography of the area underwent a huge change. Numerous reefs and inlets were born resulting in an increasing abundance of shellfish such as abalone and turban shell along with a rich source of seaweed. But the old boats could no longer enter the changed topography and fishing became more difficult. Due to that reason, washtubs were refitted so that the tarai bune with their oars were born. The boats which boast a capacity of 500kg are very maneuverable and stable.

A 30-minute walk on the Yajima/Kyojima nature trail

You can take a stroll on the vermilion bridge and the small islands that can be seen from the tarai bune. From the nature trail that surrounds the bay, you can enjoy a scenic walk as you look out at the open ocean of the Sea of Japan and the mainland, and the red bridge that links the nature-filled Yajima and Kyojima which has been called a miniature garden.

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