Ogi Diving Center

Try a 90-minute sea kayaking course that takes you into the rough waves of the Sea of Japan!

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A facility where you can thoroughly enjoy sea kayaking, diving and other popular marine activities together with staff knowledgeable about the waters around Sado in safety.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

8:30am-5:00pm [close] There are no scheduled holidays, so always check the days the center is open and make advance reservations to participate in the programs.
225-2 Kotoura, Sado< Niigata

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Safe even for beginners! Experienced staff will show you the ropes around the waters of Sado

At the Ogi Diving Center which is located in the suburbs of Sado Island’s southernmost town of Ogi, you can enjoy a variety of marine sports including diving, snorkeling and sea kayaking under the concept of “enjoying the waters of Sado”. Under the supervision of highly experienced staff with a thorough knowledge of the ocean surrounding the island, you will be able to enjoy the nature of the Sado seas through features such as the high clarity of its waters, the unique ocean topography created from ancient volcanoes and the unusual fish and animals which live on the island. There are also plenty of programs to fit every proficiency level including diving and snorkeling experiences for beginners who don’t even have a diving license, and night diving which is restricted to only those who have licenses. For those who request it specifically, staff can also guide you to the spot where the Asian sheepshead wrasse, a fish with a bulbous forehead only found in the Sado area, reside. Also, you can easily rent out diving equipment at the center. Furthermore, there is a guesthouse in operation so that if you decide to stay overnight, you can sample a taste of fresh home cooking.

Tour the dynamic Sado Geopark by sea kayak

You can enjoy Sado’s distinctive shoreline scenery by sea kayak. This area of scenic beauty which evokes the feeling of exposed nature built over eons is filled with the legends of ancient times via the clumps of magma from volcanic activity, the land which was formed from changes in the Earth’s crust, and the caves carved out from sea erosion. The highlight is the blue grotto. The dimly-lit cave has a wafting serenity with few waves in which a clear aquamarine world opens up when light hits the water. You will thoroughly enjoy special scenes from the kayak such as the clusters of seaweed which live in the transparent waters, the dynamic rocky shore and uninhabited beaches made from magma which can be reached once you row out heading toward the rough waves of the Sea of Japan. You can experience nature that has not been touched by the hand of Man.

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