Osado Ishina Natural Cedar Forest

A mystical cedar forest which has existed for about 300 years with huge trees uniquely shaped through the actions of strong winds and snow

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A natural forest whose trees have been greatly transformed by strong winds blowing in from the Sea of Japan and the accumulation of snow. Now there is a walking trail available so that you can relish Sado’s distinctive mountain scenery.
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The history of a cedar forest formed from strong cold winds at an altitude of 900m The mountain forests of Sado were managed by the shogunate to secure firewood for use in the refining of gold from the many gold mines that flourished during the Edo Era. However, those trees which became bent from strong winds and heavy snow unique to Sado were left alone. Over many years, the Sado cedar forest formed from nature finally became a distinct part of the island and has come to be protected. In 2011, a walking trail was completed for a part of the natural forest. The trail has become popular for a stroll through the forest, and from the observation point near the exit, a grand view can be enjoyed.

5 natural cedar trees representing the forest which can be seen from the trail

On the nature trail that can be navigated in about 1 hour, there are cedars which are estimated to be 300 years old among which there are 5 symbolic trees as the major highlights.

Zouge Sugi (Elephant Tusk Cedar)

Circumference: 9.6m Height: 18m Known for its greatly bending branches which resemble mammoth tusks.

Shitenno Sugi (Four Kings Cedar)

Circumference: 12.6m Height: 21m The 4 trunks of the tree are connected at the roots as they calmly soar into the sky. Located on the slope by the trail, please be aware that it is easy to overlook.

Daikoku Sugi (Big Black Cedar)

Circumference: 3.5m Height: 19m A cedar tree that has grown up straight since it wasn’t influenced by any snowy winds. Located in the middle portion of the trail.

Kazoku Sugi (Family Cedar) Circumference: 6.3m Height: 16m The five trees that have branched off from the main trunk form a family of sorts.

Hagoromo Sugi (Feather Cedar) Circumference: 6.2m Height: 18m The gracefully curving branches resemble a kimono that has been beautifully spread out.

Approaching the entrance to the trail

Take the Kenyurin Sagyodo Iriguchi (Prefectural Forest Strip Road Entrance) from the parking lot at the 830m altitude point to head for the entrance to the nature trail. (Toilets are only located at the parking lot.) From the strip road entrance to the trail entrance will take 15 minutes via a long sloping path. The nature trail is easy to traverse with name plates denoting the five major cedar trees.

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