Sado Kisen

The transportation system linking Sado Island and the mainland. Enjoy a pleasant marine trip while viewing the ocean
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The island of Sado and Niigata Prefecture are linked by comfortable ships such as a car ferry brimming with the spirit of travel and the speediest jetfoil. There are 3 routes to Sado.
353, Ryotsuminato, Sado, Niigata
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A leisurely and pleasant ride on the car ferry for a reasonable price

The gorgeous 6-deck car ferry welcomes you with a large entrance hall. A trip from Niigata Port to Ryotsu Port on Sado takes approximately 2.5 hours. There are 5 types of rooms aboard, and the most reasonably priced 2nd-class room is a large carpeted room where you can lie on your side and grab 40 winks. The 1st-class room has a choice of seats or mats. The reclining seats can be moved into a fully flat position and the room has a television monitor for everyone. The mat seats come with futon so that you can rest comfortably. The special-class seating consists of individual rooms with sofas and beds, and there is even a suite room available. On board, there is also a snack corner for light meals and drinks, an observation lounge and an outdoor deck from where you can enjoy that superb view of the sea. Last but not least, there are also plenty of other amenities for a comfortable long voyage such as free Wi-Fi and a nursing room.

The jetfoil getting you to Sado in a mere 65 minutes at ultra-high speed

The biggest advantage of the jetfoil is its short travel time which is just 65 minutes from Niigata Port to Ryotsu Port. The hull floats above the water surface as it skims at an ultra-high speed of 80km/h with the jetfoil utilizing the same computer automated control system as that for an airliner so that it can provide a smooth ride with little vibration. The 2-deck interior has all-reserved seating so that the ride will have passengers in a seated position. There is free Wi-Fi.


3 sea routes from everywhere in Japan to Sado

There are 3 sea routes in Sado Kisen. The Niigata Port-Ryotsu Port run is easily accessible if you’re coming from Tokyo via Joetsu Shinkansen (Bullet Train) to Niigata Station or arriving at Niigata Airport. The Naoetsu Port-Ogi Port run can be reached from Joetsu-Myoko Station on the Hokuriku Shinkansen by bus in 30 minutes, while the Teradomari Port-Akadomari Port run is accessible from Teradomari Station on the JR Echigo Line. Although the Niigata Port-Ryotsu Port run operates all year, the other two runs don’t operate depending on the season so caution is advised when making your travel plans.


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