Ponshukan, Niigata Station

Taste of 91 brands of Niigata sake right at the station. Enjoy the Niigata sake with a meal

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Niigata is famous not only for Sake but also for rice, miso, and soy sauce, the main ingredients for all Japanese cuisine! Taste and compare the amazing 91 brands of sake from this prefecture. There are plenty of restaurants to enjoy the food and plenty of ingredients to purchase.
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Saturday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
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Ichinokura (restaurant area) Morning 6:30am-10am Afternoon 11am-2pm Evening 5pm-11pm Tea 2pm-5pm Ninokura (sake and ingredient sales) Sake-tasting Station 9:30am-8:30pm Sake and ingredient sales 9:00am-9pm
ぽんしゅ館 1-96-47, Hanazono, Chuoku, Niigata
(025) 240-7090

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A “Sake-tasting Station” bringing together the ultimate in sake in Niigata Prefecture, the land of rice

Niigata Prefecture is known as the premier area for high-grade rice in Japan. The sake that is produced from this rice with pure water raised by nature is a treasure for Niigata. There are about 90 sake breweries within the prefecture which makes it the largest number for any prefecture in the nation. And on the 3rd floor of the building at the “Sake-tasting Station”, delicious sake only found in this battleground of sake brewing is gathered together here to create a marvelous tapestry representing all sake in Niigata. After paying your 500 yen for a sake cup and a chance to try 5 types of sake, taste and compare some famous brands. Along with the sake, you can also try out the snacks that go well with the drink such as cucumbers and other salty dishes. At the “Japanese Sake Station” on the same floor, you can also purchase sake. If you are a little lost, knowledgeable staff are more than happy to assist you.

Echigo Uonuma Shop where you can get delicious Niigata food selected by connoisseurs

At the Echigo Uonuma Shop which is located on the same floor as the “Sake-tasting Station”, there are ingredients on sale that have been selected by very knowledgeable staff. Starting with rice, there is a fine selection of soy sauce, miso, vegetables and water. Even with soy sauce which is indispensable for Japanese cooking, there are five types which include light and heavy for which there are distinctions in taste among the soy sauce breweries. You can find that one item which will distinguish its use in cuisine. As well, there are other products including original sweets, rice balls using the most famous brand of Koshi Hikari and bento box lunches which are well regarded.


The restaurant Uonuma Kamakura where you can have a taste of Niigata while relaxing

Uonuma Kamakura, which is a restaurant located on the 1st floor of Ponshukan, provides dishes well-matched with the Niigata sake that you will savor slowly under the concept of “a pub for adults”. On the menu, there is sashimi only to be found in the prefecture known for its tasty fish, grilled fish, chicken dishes and other wonderful examples of Niigata cuisine. And there is the popular menu of the Uonuma Kamakura Lunch Course. Centering on fish dishes, the set menu which includes Koshi Hikari rice made in the Uonuma area, miso soup and other dishes is popular and wonderful for its generous amounts.


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