Senkaku Bay Ageshima Park

Enjoy a cruise viewing scenery interweaving sheer cliffs and a complex bay

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The scenic beauty of a bay and tall cliffs created from ancient volcanic eruptions and ocean floor upheavals. From the observation point, you can enjoy a grand panorama and on the sea, you can enjoy a cruise on a glass-bottomed boat.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Sunday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )

March-April 8:30am-5:00pm May-October 8:00am-5:30pm November    8:30am-5:00pm December-February 8:30am-4:30pm
Adult: 550 JPY
Children: 280 JPY

The above is the park admission. Cruise fares (including admission) are below. Adults 1100 yen Children 550 yen
1561 Kitaebisu, Sado, Niigata
(0259) 75-2311

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The epic landscape of Senkaku Bay created from changes in the Earth’s crust

In the narrow bay whose sheer cliffs soar to a height of 30m, the reefs which poke up from the ocean floor provide a dynamic view. This topography was formed over many eons through ancient volcanic eruptions, upheaval of coastal plains due to changes in the Earth’s crust, and erosion of the rock surface due to the distinctly harsh winter winds of the Sea of Japan and rough waves. Said to rival even the beauty of the world’s No. 1 Hardangerfjord region in Norway, the scenic beauty and pricelessness of Senkaku Bay have placed it in the nation’s Top 100 lists for quasi-national parks, oceanic parks and beaches.

Glass-bottomed boat cruises to enjoy a tour of the bay and underwater

In Senkaku Bay Ageshima Park, boarding the glass-bottomed boat will provide enjoyment of an open cruise with the blowing sea breezes and a view of the underwater seascape. On the 15-minute course touring Senkaku Bay, the blue transparent sea opens up in front of you on good-weather days where you can get a close-up view of the various expressions of Senkaku Bay, including the dynamic scenery of the cliffs and the narrow and complex reefs. Furthermore, from the glass bottom of the boat, a variety of fish such as Japanese sea bream and blowfish can be seen along with the complicated topography of the ocean floor created from volcanic activity and other factors from long ago. The glass boat tour lasts approximately 15 minutes and can operate even with just one passenger. A trip on a sunny morning when the water is clear enough to see right to the bottom of the ocean is recommended. The park is open all year, but please be aware that the glass-bottom boat tours may be cancelled due to weather conditions such as wind and waves. Please contact the park by telephone for operational conditions.

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