The two large rocks that burst from the sea form an ever-changing secluded beach depending on the season and weather

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The extremely clear ocean that has been selected as one of the top 100 swimming areas in Japan and the sight of the path sinking into the sea due to the rise and fall of the tides provide a superb view of an ever-changing beach!
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A natural place of scenic beauty due to the changes in the large rocks above the sea

The two large rocks atop the ocean resemble a couple of turtles which gave rise to the name of Futatsugame (Two Turtles). If you cross the sandy beach path which connects the shore with the rocks at low tide, you will be able to experience the strange sensation of waves rushing in from either side of the path. Also during high tide, this path once again sinks underwater so that the beautiful rocks can be seen popping up from the water with the beach being enjoyed for its changing appearance over time. This area of scenic beauty consisting of large rocks at the northern shore of Sado Island, including Futatsugame, was formed 100 million years ago as the oldest feature on the island. Afterwards, the ocean bottom protruded upwards gradually due to changes in the earth’s crust to create the current structure. The beautifully blue clarity of the sea in this area has been recognized as being one of the top 100 swimming areas in Japan and has been given 2 stars in the Michelin Green Guide. You will want to enjoy the superb sights of the beautiful colors only to be found at Futatsugame such as the delicate changes in color of the ocean due to the season and weather, the blue sky and the brilliant green rocky peaks covered in grass.

A nature trail connecting Futatsugame and Onogame

Many people come and visit during the summer to enjoy swimming. In the surrounding vicinity, there is a 4-kilometer nature trail connecting Futatsugame and Onogame which takes about 1 hour to cover on foot. The path which goes along the shore up to Onogame continues by the distinctive sheer cliffs of Sotokaifu so that you can look forward to an air of wilderness and the epic sight of the sea. Along the way, you will also be able to see the mystical Sai-no-Kawara cave where countless numbers of jizo statues are placed and small residential communities along the shore.

Enjoy coffee in a picturesque lounge of a hotel

At the SADO Futatsugame View Hotel which is located atop a plateau in the swimming area for Futatsugame, there is a tea lounge which you can use without having to be a hotel guest. From its large bright picture window, you can see the superb view of Futatsugame. Open from 11:00am to 6:00pm, you can also order coffee and soft drinks.

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