Top Food & Drink in Japan

Kobe Pudding

Very popular for its smooth and rich mouth feel, this is also the best souvenir from Kobe!


A superb dish with deep-fried yellowtail covered in a special ago-dashi soy sauce topped on Sado rice

Ika-no-Ikizukuri (Live Squid Sashimi)

Fresh squid is sliced up live right on the spot. This is a delicacy of the town of Yobuko for which the squid has a t...


A hybrid dish combining yakisoba and rice! The sauce hitting the teppan hot plate adds a smokiness to the dish.

Kaisendon (Sashimi Bowl)

Tons of sashimi piled on! Fresh fish on rice able to be savored thanks to Sado

Wanko Soba

The traditional taste of Iwate as you continuously gobble down bite-sized bowls of soba.


With a dry taste born from very hard water, this miraculous sake has the blessings of Narita-san temple.


Enjoy a dynamic whole abalone fresh from the grill!

Tama Konnyaku

Smooth and velvety, tama konnyaku (ball-shaped konjac jelly) has a simple taste with no harshness

Narazuke Pickles

Traditional pickles of Nara, appealing for their unique aroma and sweetness since they are pickled in sake kasu (lees)

Morioka Jajamen

Hot boiled noodles are topped with a special sauce of miso and minced meat for a rich taste!

Shirasu Don

The dish consisting of generous fresh shirasu (whitebait) placed on top of rice is a famous delicacy in the old capit...

Igoneri Jelly

A regional dish of Sado, it’s a seaweed solidified into a jelly with a delicious taste and smooth texture.

Morioka Reimen

Noodles with a firm bite are combined with a spicy soup to create a well-matched invigorating taste that makes up the...

Okesa Persimmons

The famous Sado brand of persimmons named after a Sado folk song “Sado Okesa”


A traditional food of Kagoshima, satsuma-age is a simple regional dish in which minced fish paste is deep fried into ...

Jinenjo Soba

A soba with a smooth texture which is very nutritious due to the Japanese yams incorporated into the soba flour


A fugu (blowfish) hot pot. This is a winter delicacy in which although fugu is a light fish, its chewy texture makes ...


Savor the enhanced flavor of the fish from each season as sushi

Taiyo-no-Tamago (Ripe Mangoes)

Fully ripened mangoes are harvested as naturally fallen fruit under the bright sun of Miyazaki