Takeda Shrine

A shrine with the spirit of Shingen Takeda, built upon the old site of the Takeda family

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A popular shrine which is visited by over 100,000 people for the New Year’s hatsumode celebrations, there are many things to see including remnants of the buildings from the ancient times, a customary festival and a repository with valuable items on display.
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Everyday the repository is open 9:30AM~4:30PM
2611 Kofuchumachi Kofu-shi, Yamanashi
(055) 252-2609

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A shrine built on the old site of the Takeda family

Located some 8 minutes by bus from Kofu Station, there is the Tsutsujisaki Yakata Ato, the ancient site where three generations of the Takeda family lived and controlled national politics. It is on this site where Takeda Shrine was constructed in 1919. Within its grounds, a moat, earthen embankments, stone walls, an ancient well and other features remain which have been recognized as National Historic Sites, along with several hundred types of trees whose colorful leaves can be enjoyed through autumn as part of the different scenes that can be observed throughout the year.

Numerous highlights including the view, buildings and events

There is a gentle slope lined with cherry trees on the way from the station to the shrine. And as you turn around once you reach the torii gate, there is a wonderful view of the Kofu basin and Mt. Fuji off in the distance. A festival is held on April 12th which is the anniversary of the death of Shingen Takeda whose spirit is enshrined. A mikoshi (portable shrine) is carried through everywhere in the area by a huge group of 1600 people. Also fascinating are places such as the Kouyoubu Noh Stage and the Hime-no-Ido Well.

A repository exhibiting many displays of valuable information

The Houmotsu-den repository situated to the rear and right of the haiden front shrine was built in tribute to the 400th anniversary of Shingen Takeda’s passing. There are 60 exhibits on display representing the Takeda family such as armor, long swords and ancient literature. Within the exhibits, the famed sword Yoshioka Ichimonji is a National Important Cultural Property which is well worth seeing. There are also many other displays of interesting items such as Shingen-ko Gunsen which contains poetry written by Shingen Takeda himself and armor of the Takeda family.

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