Shosenkyo Gorge

One of Japan’s most beautiful gorges, a natural masterpiece

Located in Kofu City of Yamanashi Prefecture, Shosenkyo was designated as a Special Place of Scenic Beauty in 1953. There is a 4km path along the gorge and there are plenty of highlights such as rocks of unusual shaped and waterfalls. It is also famous for the beautiful autumn foliage.
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A beautiful gorge representative of Japan known as a famous place for the fall colors.

Shosenkyo is a gorge located at the upper reaches of the Arakawa River which is a tributary of the Fuji River in the northern part of the Kofu Basin in Kofu City. The gorge, which has a total length of 5km, was created from the deep erosion of granite. There are strangely-shaped rocks of varying sizes within the gorge such as Saruiwa (Monkey Rock) and Nekoiwa (Cat Rock). You can enjoy its beauty which was shaped by nature, and appreciate its changes depending on the season. It is also famous as a spot for the fall colors. Since the difference in height is so high, the arrival time of the colors is slightly staggered so you can enjoy them for over a month.

Experience the grand nature of Shosenkyo from walking along its 4km course.

The stroll through Shosenkyo starts from Nagatoro Bridge which is an arched bridge completed in 1925 that is famous as the gateway to the gorge. Once you cross over the bridge, there is a 4km walking course that continues up to Sengataki Waterfall which has been selected as one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Japan. Along the walk, there are plenty of sights to see starting with various sizes of strangely-shaped rocks to the Bridge of Love which is supposed to help couples in the romance department once they cross over it and the Ishimon Gate which is surrounded by massive granite. The spectacle of the huge 180m monolithic Kakuenbo Rock is amazing. The walk from Nagatoro Bridge to Sengataki Waterfall will take about 1.5 hours, so enjoy the pleasant stroll while taking full advantage of the negative ions in the air.

After walking through Shosenkyo, enjoy a huge panoramic view from the top of the mountain

When you enjoy the spectacle of Sengataki Waterfall, how about heading for Shosenkyo Ropeway? From Sengataki Station at the base, it takes about 5 minutes to reach Panorama-dai Station at the top. As soon as you get off at the station, a grand panorama spreads out beneath you. To further enjoy the view, head for the peak of Mt. Yasaburo which is at the end of the mountain path from the station. From the top of that monolithic rock, there is a wonderful 360-degree view of Mt. Fuji, the Kofu Basin, the Southern Alps and the Arakawa Dam. Mt. Yasaburo is also known as a power spot, and near its peak, there is a crystal stone shrine where the god of wine is enshrined. There is a store there which sells a refined sake called Yasaburo-dake which is praised for its taste.

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