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Enjoy an all-you-can-eat buffet of freshly-picked fruits! This is fruit picking in Yamanashi Prefecture, the kingdom of fruits

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Yamanashi is famous for its wealth of fruits and so there are numerous tourist farms within the prefecture. You can enjoy a variety of fruits including grapes, peaches, Japanese plums, cherries and blueberries.
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Yamanashi as the kingdom of fruits

Yamanashi Prefecture is the ideal place for agriculture due to its basin climate where the temperature gradient between day and night is wide, the yearly number of sunlight hours is high, the annual precipitation is low and other factors. It boasts the largest amount of production of grapes, peaches and Japanese plums in the nation so that it has earned the reputation of being the kingdom of fruits. Many tourists from all over the world come to visit during the growing season from spring to fall.

The key to enjoying fruit picking

Since the ripening period for fruits changes annually, it is important to check the best timing for the coming year in advance. You will also want to make any reservations as early as possible because the weekends during the season are crowded. Weekdays would probably be ideal to enjoy the experience leisurely. With fruit picking, you are able to eat the fruits that you like within a limited amount of time in selected areas. It’s an exceptional experience to enjoy fresh fruits right then and there. Unfortunately although you are not allowed to take home any fruits that you have picked, you can purchase fruits which are available as souvenirs.

Fruits which can be picked

When it comes to Yamanashi, the big fruit is the grape. There is a wide variety of grapes available including the basic types of Kyoho and Muscat, and grapes grown in areas of the prefecture such as Kofu which can all be enjoyed from late August to October. Yamanashi also boasts the largest production of peaches. Early varieties of peaches can be harvested in early July although August is the prime season. Between January and October, there are many tourist farms which handle various fruits within the prefecture such as cherries, strawberries, Japanese plums and blueberries.

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