Hottarakashi Onsen

A popular picturesque open air bath with a unique name

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Hottarakashi Onsen is about a 3 hour drive from Tokyo, an easy accessible onsen facility good for day trips. You can enjoy the view of the sunrise, the daytime view and the night view. The restaurant on the observation terrace is also popular.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Sunday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )

From 1 hour before sunrise to 10:00pm(January is open from 6:00am)
Adult: 800 JPY
Children: 400 JPY

A child is considered to be anyone from 0 years to elementary school age
Hottarakashi Onsen, 1669-18 Yatsubo Yamanashi-shi, Yamanashi
(0553) 23-1526

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The picturesque open-air bath is a popular onsen worthy of note

Located in back of the Fuefuki River Fruit Park on top of a small hill, Hottarakashi Onsen has waters that are 100% source spring. Although a hot spring was originally dug up to build a health facility in the 1990s, the project was shelved. However afterwards, one open-air bath was created which was opened for all to use for free which gave it the name of Hottarakashi which means “to be left alone” in English. Currently, there are 2 bathing areas, each of which are separated into men’s and women’s sections and require a fee to enter. The onsen is a simple alkaline hot spring which means that it isn’t too hot so children and the elderly can use it safely for a tranquil bath. A wonderful view can be seen from the open-air bath that is 700m above sea level which can be enjoyed from morning to night.

2 baths with unusual names

The popular Kocchi-no-Yu (which means “this bath”) has a view of Mt. Fuji right in front of you and a calm atmosphere. It has an open-air bath made of wood and stone as well as an indoor bath which has the scent of wood wafting in the air which is popular with the regulars. Acchi-no-Yu (“that bath”) can be entered from 1 hour before sunrise and is twice the size of Kocchi-no-Yu; it is an onsen from where you are able to view the rising sun. It also boasts an epic view of nature with Mt. Fuji on the right, Mt. Daibosatsurei on the left and the Kofu Basin rolling below you. Depending on the season, the scenery can change throughout the day from sunrise to the evening so it is an onsen that you will want to visit frequently.

A superb breakfast on the observation terrace

On the observation terrace with the wonderful view, there is Kimagure-ya which is only open for breakfast. The menu consists of a simple Japanese-style breakfast with rice, miso soup, raw egg with natto (fermented beans) and pickles which is popular for its select ingredients. At Momotaro which is a food stand for light meals, the ontama-age (deep-fried eggs) is a favorite.

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