Koshu City Katsunuma Budo-no-Oka Wine Center

Savor wine in the grape vineyard with the biggest yield in Japan

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Katsunuma is the birthplace of Japanese wine. There are various ways to enjoy yourself, such as visiting the underground wine caves where 200 brands are normally stored, restaurants where you can savor wine, and even an “onsen”.
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Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

Underground wine cave:AM9:00~PM5:30 BBQ:AM11:00~PM4:00 Tenbo Wine Restaurant:AM11:30~PM8:00 Tenku-no-yu (Onsen):AM8:00~PM10:00 Art Museum:AM10:00~PM5:00 [close] Every January (Closed for a week due to facilities inspection. Please check the schedule at the website.)
5093 Katsunumacho Hishiyama Koshu-shi, Yamanashi

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Japan’s most productive vineyard

It takes 1 hour and 30 minutes by train from Shinjuku Station to reach Budo-no-Oka. The Kofu Basin is ideal for the production of grapes and Katsunuma boasts the nation’s No. 1 production capacity. The growing of grapes has had a 1300-year history while wine has been produced for 130 years in Japan’s birthplace for wine. The incredible vineyards spreading out as far as the eye can see and changing color with the seasons have also been called “The Bourgogne of East Asia”. At the Koshu City Katsunuma Budo-no-Oka Wine Center located at the eastern end of the Kofu Basin, there are 20,000 bottles of wine representing 200 brands stored in the underground wine caves at any one time which can also be sampled. There are also facilities such as restaurants, a hotel, an onsen and an art museum to spend a leisurely time.

Wine to be enjoyed in the underground caves and restaurants

In the underground wine caves, wine recommended by Kofu City which have passed 2 review boards is stored, and if you purchase an exclusive sampling container, you will be able to have a taste of any of the brands. The Tenbo Wine Restaurant also has a wonderful view while you enjoy meals which match the wine. You can view the Kofu Basin as well as the Southern Alps so that the nightscape during dinner time is also popular.

A wine storehouse and walking trail making effective use of an old railroad

A 5-minute walk away from the nearest station of Katsunuma-budōkyō Station, there is Ohikage Tunnel. Used on the railway until 1997, it is currently a promenade freely used by tourists. Beyond the tunnel, there are cherry trees which make it the ideal place for a walk in spring. Along the promenade, there is a storehouse which makes use of the tunnel known as the Tunnel Wine Cave. There are storage units for winemakers and individuals which can store about 1 million bottles. You will be impressed by the amount of wine that you will pass by in the tunnel.

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