It’s not just for shopping and dining. There are plenty of amusement facilities including a casino.

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VenusFort is a shopping mall, with the looks of a theme park, that can be enjoyed by the whole family. Even foreign tourists can enjoy shopping here because of the many duty-free shops.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 PM )
Sunday ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 PM )

Shopping 11:00am-9:00pm Dining 11:00am-11:00pm (however, this will vary depending on the establishment) [close] No scheduled holidays. Please check the official homepage.
1 Chome-3-15 Aomi, Kōtō-ku, Tōkyō
(03) 3599-0700

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A large mall with ideal shopping

Tokyo’s Odaiba district is a popular tourist area with plenty of facilities to enjoy shopping and dining for couples and families. Among the many facilities which include Diver City and Aqua City Odaiba, there is the hugely popular and large-scale VenusFort. It is a 3-story indoor mall where the 1st and 2nd floors are built in an atrium style for that feeling of openness. Also the 3rd floor has the image of streets of southern France and northern Italy in the 17th-18th centuries. On this 3rd floor which evokes the feeling of Middle Ages Europe, there are about 170 stores selling accessories and various other products. But it’s not just because of the street where you can sample this relaxing atmosphere just through a stroll, but also the view of the ceiling which changes color through morning, afternoon and night. Enjoy shopping in an open atmosphere that doesn’t feel as if you are inside an indoor mall. It’s also convenient due to a staff that can speak in both English and Chinese.

A mall that responds to all sorts of needs

On VenusFort’s 1st floor which is known as Venus FAMILY, there is Joker’s Town where you can do your shopping in a relaxed manner together with your pet dogs, plus major stores such as the overseas-friendly electronic appliance shop Laox where you purchase duty-free items. On the Venus GRAND 2nd floor, there are amusement facilities such as a casino within plazas with fountains and a church, along with popular brand-name shops and the amusement park Aneby Trimpark where kids can play with European-style toys. And on the Venus OUTLET 3rd floor, there are popular outlets and a dining court. In total, there are close to 100 duty-free shops.

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VenusFort is a five minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station exit A. From leaving the station you will see a huge Ferris wheel in the distance, and VenusFort just below it to the right. From Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (25 minutes, ¥500)

From Tokyo Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (20 minutes, ¥500)

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8 years ago
Entering venus fort is like entering another place! The celings are painted like the skies. There is also a nike outlet inside the mall
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