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Meet the popular characters of Fuji-TV

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There are items and places such as the sets for popular programs, character goods and a café. Events for families and couples are sometimes held.
Business Hours
Tuesday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Wednesday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
business_hours.thursday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Friday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Saturday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )
Sunday ( 10:0 AM ~ 6:0 PM )

[close] if it’s a holiday, then the following Tuesday will be closed). However, this may change during periods such as the summer holidays
Fuji TV, Daiba 2-4-8, Minato, Tokyo
(03) 5531-1111

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An area to experience Fuji-TV

Fuji-TV broadcasts the popular shows. On Fuji-TV Wonder Street located on the 5th floor of the headquarters building, precious exhibits from those shows are on display, and there is a free tour course which squeezes in enjoyable sites such as photo spots. As soon as you enter Fuji-TV, you will come across the monitors showing programs on Fuji-TV, Fuji-TV ONE・TWO・NEXT and BS Fuji. And then you can even view video of actors appearing on the dramas providing special commentary. Since it is only here that you can see such valuable video, you will really want to check out the dramas that you are interested in while they are being broadcast. Going further into the building, there is a Technical Street which thoroughly analyzes the technical side of things and includes a partial tour of the studio control room. This is the place where you can see the distinct techniques needed to send television into homes. Also, depending on time, you can also take a tour of the V4 studio, Fuji-TV’s largest. This is the area where you can truly feel the reality of the television station.

Hachitama, the spherical observation chamber

When you see Fuji-TV Headquarters from the outside, it’s the globe-shaped part that draws your attention. This is Hachimata, the symbolic part of Fuji-TV whose observation deck has a 270-degree view of the city center of Odaiba. At the Hachitama Shop, you can purchase Hachitama goods and products related to popular characters. On the 24th floor that is inside the sphere, you can also take a look at the studio used for the popular morning news program, “Mezamashi Terebi” (Wake-Up TV).

The Rooftop Garden for events and Theater Mall

The Rooftop Garden on the 7th floor is used as an event space for huge events and live concerts that are held every summer. The Theater Mall has a souvenir shop where you can purchase goods related to the anime and dramas that are shown on Fuji-TV, along with a restaurant and café. This is the area where you will want to find those souvenirs to help you remember your one day at Fuji-TV.

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From Tokyo Teleport Station exit A, walk straight keeping Diver City in front of you. Turn right and head into the foot bridge that crosses the train tracks. Continue straight on the bridge and down to street level. From the foot bridge exit, you will see Fuji-TV Headquarters on your left hand side.From Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (25 minutes, ¥500)

From Tokyo Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (20 minutes, ¥500)


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