An automobile theme park where everyone from children to adults will “see, ride and feel”

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With safety and the environment in mind, you can get a close-up look at the cars of Toyota through displays of cars of the world and test drives. There are even test drives for the little ones so that the whole family can enjoy their time.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

Differs depending on the facility [close] No scheduled holidays. Please check the official homepage.
1Chome,-3-12,Aomi Koto, Tokyo
(03) 3599-0808

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A first look at Toyota’s new models

At the central Toyota City Showcase, the latest Toyota models are displayed here earlier than anywhere else. The 1st floor consists of the TOYOTA LINE-UP ZONE where 80 of the most recent designs are on display with the one big feature being able to not only view them but also to get inside them. Also, on the same floor, there is Ride One where you can take a test drive of a selected car on a 1.3 km course. Any of the Toyota brands are able to be driven, so if you’re interested in making a purchase, by all means try them out. The 2nd floor is the Global Discovery Zone where you can learn and experience everything about Toyota cars on a global level.

An area for kids to enjoy test driving

At the Ride Studio, even small kids without that license can take a test drive while being able to learn about the manners on the road. The course which is 230 meters in total length is also great for adults. The Indoor Ride One is also fine for both kids and grown-ups. Various cars such as the Camatte are available. Also the popular Petit Ride One can be enjoyed from 3-year-olds and up.

Vintage cars on a street filled with style

At the History Garage, not just old Toyotas but the world’s vintage cars can be encountered. You can witness restoration efforts of cars by masters at the Restore Pit, view the displays of domestic and overseas publications plus model cars in the Corridor, and see 25 of the most famous automobiles in the Historic Car Collection, among other facilities. For car fans, these displays are irresistible.

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MEGA WEB is a five minute walk from Tokyo Teleport Station exit A. From leaving the station you will see a huge Ferris wheel in the distance, this is your destination. Simply walk toward the Ferris wheel and you will arrive at MEGA WEB.From Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (25 minutes, ¥500)

From Tokyo Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (20 minutes, ¥500)

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9 years ago
Nice little theme park
I came in here by accident to escape a downpour, and ended up staying for two hours. I had a nice lunch, enjoyed the video game arcade (which is massive), and the Toyota City Showcase was actually very interesting. The area itself was quite small, and the giant Ferris wheel didn't appear to be in operation (thanks rain!) but I enjoyed MEGA WEB quite a lot.
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