Odaiba is one of Tokyo’s most entertainment filled places. It’s full of fun from morning to evening.

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For a fun-filled time in Tokyo, try Odaiba. There’s an amusement park, a museum, an onsen, an automobile showroom, and other attractions. There is so much to do that it’s difficult to get around in 1 day. It is one large entertainment facility on a huge area of reclaimed land.
Daiba Minato-ku Tokyo
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A new amusement area for Tokyo Bayside

The area is now 18 years old. A long time ago, it functioned as a distribution facility and an industrial site. It gained attention with the opening in 1993 of the Rainbow Bridge, a suspension bridge drawing a 798m smooth streamline over Tokyo Bay. Odaiba continues to put up facilities with the theme of recreation centering on Rainbow Bridge. MEGA WEB is an automobile theme park operated by Toyota. You can check out the showroom and its history. It was renovated in 2013, and the place introduces technology related to safety and the environment to foreign visitors, and there are overseas passenger cars displayed. Also when it comes to Odaiba, there is Decks Tokyo Beach. At the Takoyaki Museum, there are 5 shops that have been selected from the birthplace of takoyaki, Osaka. The Daiba Itchome Shopping District re-creates a downtown from the 1950s in which inexpensive candies (made from barley, foam and other cheap ingredients as symbolic confections for children from that era), picture-story shows and other amusements for kids of that time are introduced. Also, there are other places such as Japan’s first museum for yokai spirits.

An Odaiba onsen

The Odaiba Onsen Monogatari is a one-day bathing facility that is used as a hot spring. Along with a natural spring, there is a rock salt sauna, festival days, fortune telling, restaurants, shopping and plenty of other forms of entertainment. You can enjoy yourself relaxing in yukata with your desired pattern. From the observation deck of Odaiba Kaihin Park, the night view is magnificent. There is a feeling of spaciousness from a view from the observation room within the building, and you can feel the scale. Moreover, it would be good to try out the Yurikamome monorail for night travel. The look of pulling away from the group of tall skyscrapers evokes a feeling of the near future.

There are many windy days due to Odaiba’s proximity to the ocean so please wear the appropriate clothing.

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From Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (25 minutes, ¥500)

From Tokyo Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (20 minutes, ¥500)

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5 years ago
Odaiba has pretty much everything. Everything seems so modern and clean. Visit if you have time. One day won't be enough to explore Odaiba though.
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6 years ago
Odaiba at night
Odaiba has many things to do. Shopping malls, amusement park, many restaurants, parks, and Onsen! You won't get bored for sure. I like night walk here. It is located near Tokyo Bay and the view is dramatic. Illuminated giant wheel is so beautiful.
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6 years ago
Dates in Odaiba!
At first I found Odaiba a bit difficult to explore, however once I got the hang of it I found myself having a lot o fun there! I think its a great place to go on a date of even with a small group of friends! They have some amusement parks and great malls! I really loved the Gundam and the liberty statue they have!
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7 years ago
Somehow we just didn't match
After seeing quiet a lot of Tokyo, Odaiba didn't really impressed me during my first stay. But I am sure if you love modern architecture and water, you will like it. I visit it every now and then for a concert. The only problem is, that the train is a bit pricy to get there.
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8 years ago
Odaiba is simply awesome!
In my opinion, Odaiba is the most fascinating place in entire Tokyo. It is surrounded by water, you can enter it via the Rainbow-bridge and some impressive buildings are inside the island - everything is clean and orderly. When I first came there, I thought: This must be the place where rich people live in Tokyo. And you have indeed a different feeling - a positive one though. Just try it out and go there, it pays off!
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8 years ago
Giant mech
Crossing the famous Rainbow Bridge you'll get to the man made island of Odaiba. This place is pretty great. View the giant Gundam in front of the Diver City mall where things look so expensive they have doormen inside the mall and inside the stores waiting for you. 8 floors with an arcade movie theater and everything. The food court has some pretty good selections at a high price. There are other good places to journey to as well with an indoor theme park called Sega Joyopolis. Initial D live replica cars arcade game where the cars move with the screen to give you that real drifting experience making you feel like a real DK (Drift King). Man, there was this haunted house type thing where they talked about the Japanese version of the movie the ring...haill naw lets just say out of the group of random people that were in there and my cousin, we were the last ones in the first ones out after tripping over people and this announcer guy who was explaining the story was on the floor laughing at the scared black guys like the stereotype in horror movies.
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8 years ago
The problem with Odaiba is there is too much to do!
Odaiba has a lot of things to do. Trick Art Museum, Madame Tussauds, a Lego Museum, a giant statue of Gundam, a stage that shows live performances at times (I was lucky enough to catch K-pop sensation Bangtan Boys performing here), a Ferris wheel, a massive amusements arcade, an exhibition center, a Goddess of Liberty, a Shell Petroleum museum, and a list that continues as long as my arm. Fireworks, a view of Rainbow Bridge, and some great eateries make Odaiba a great place to visit for the day, and a good place for a romantic evening.
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