“Giant mech ”

8 years ago  /  by Lamar
Crossing the famous Rainbow Bridge you'll get to the man made island of Odaiba. This place is pretty great. View the giant Gundam in front of the Diver City mall where things look so expensive they have doormen inside the mall and inside the stores waiting for you. 8 floors with an arcade movie theater and everything. The food court has some pretty good selections at a high price. There are other good places to journey to as well with an indoor theme park called Sega Joyopolis. Initial D live replica cars arcade game where the cars move with the screen to give you that real drifting experience making you feel like a real DK (Drift King). Man, there was this haunted house type thing where they talked about the Japanese version of the movie the ring...haill naw lets just say out of the group of random people that were in there and my cousin, we were the last ones in the first ones out after tripping over people and this announcer guy who was explaining the story was on the floor laughing at the scared black guys like the stereotype in horror movies.