Senpiro Falls

A grand waterfall which was carved out from massive bedrock by rain over the millennia

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A waterfall on Yakushima Island where you can feel the awesome power of nature as the water flows and carves through mighty granite at the foot of Mt. Mocchomu.
Hara, Kumagegun Yakushimacho, Kagoshima
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Your eyes will be drawn to the magnetic charms of the waterfall and the giant granite

On the island of Yakushima which gets plenty of rain throughout the year, a number of rivers carve through rock and mountain to reach the ocean. For Senpiro Falls, the Tainogawa River has carved a V-shaped valley into the huge granite bedrock at the foot of Mt. Mocchomu with the waterfall flowing through the center of the valley from a height of 60m. The huge 250mx300m granite slab to the left of the falls is said to be big enough to fit 1000 people with their arms spread out which was the origin of the name for Senpiro Falls. Some five minutes’ walk away from the parking lot, you will be at the first observation point at an altitude of 270m from where you can view the waterfall. Although it is a fairly distant view, you can enjoy a grandly attractive landscape. Following a rain, the flow of water increases so that you can see the falls rushing over heartily. From the second observation point, you can get another distant view of Senpiro with the vast expanse of the sea in the background.

Sample the famous delicacies of the area

In addition, the area around the observation points (with washrooms) has been made into a park, and from here, you can see original villages and the Pacific Ocean in one fell swoop. There are washroom facilities within the park as well, along with the locally-run store Gejibeh-no-Sato where you can purchase special products and local handicrafts including a menu with freshly-squeezed tankan juice which is a Yakushima specialty along with tankan ice cream and tankan jelly.

Torooki Falls with its unusual way to the ocean

On the way to Senpiro Falls by car, drop by Torooki Falls as well. It is a small waterfall with just a drop of 6m, but it is only one of two falls in Japan besides Shiretoko in Hokkaido which flows directly into the ocean. Although it can only be seen at a distance, there is a lovely contrast between it and the red bridge in the background.

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