Yakushima Fruit Garden

A botanical garden flourishing with 2000 kinds of tropical plants and fruits

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After enjoying a guided tour of rarely-seen tropical plants, have a taste of an assortment of freshly-picked fruits of the season
Business Hours
Saturday ( 8:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Sunday ( 8:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 8:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Adult: 500 JPY
Children: 250 JPY
629-16 Nakama, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima
(0997) 48-2468

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A garden thriving with tropical plants and fruits

Inside this garden which spans 35,000 square meters, there are 1,600-2,000 tropical plants and fruits growing here with wild and garden species starting with papayas, mangoes, bananas and guavas. With the sweet scent of flowers and fruits wafting within the premises, you can get that taste of the tropical mood from the southern islands. It is a privately-run garden so the owner has been tenderly growing his plants for many years. As the guide gives an explanation on the nature trail inside the jungle-like forest, the tour lasts 15-20 minutes after which fruits and jams of the season are provided for free. It is a particularly popular tourist spot for women.

After touring the unusual plant life, sample some freshly-picked fruit

At Yakushima Fruit Garden, a forest of tropical plants mixing indigenous and foreign species has been cultivated so that being able to observe unusual plants that have never been seen before is a special characteristic of this garden. You will encounter the strangest plants such as the Tako-no-Ki (octopus tree) with branches that curl around like the tentacles of an octopus and protruding air roots, the Hikage tree fern which is the largest species of its type in Japan spanning upwards to as much as 5 or 6 meters, and the Jabuticaba on which flowers blossom directly on its trunk. At the photo spots situated everywhere, the guide will be more than happy to take your photographs so please don’t forget your camera. At Kajitsu-an which is at the end of the tour, you can sample a variety of freshly-picked fruits and jams. Also, you can taste freshly-squeezed juices with seasonal fruits such as tankan and guava and vanilla ice cream included with fruits, and try homemade jams with fruits like papaya and Japanese plum which are popular as souvenirs.

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