Oko Falls

A waterfall providing a dynamic sight as water cascades over the rock wall from a height of 88m

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Yakushima Island’s spectacular and premier waterfall which can be closely approached at the basin. Nearby there are a spring and a beach as well as an unusual onsen in the middle of the sea that you will want to visit.
Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima
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A waterfall that has the highest drop in Yakushima

Oko Falls boasts the largest volume of water on Yakushima as it spectacularly slides down the rocky slope from its 88m height and kicks up a dynamic spray. It has also been selected as one of the Top 100 Waterfalls in Japan. From the Nigiwai Corridor which allows you to get very close to the basin of the falls, you can find yourself directly below the basin so that you can bathe in the water spray filled with negative ions. Following a rainfall, the amount of water increases which will amaze you. You can also observe fish such as gobies swimming in the basin pool. Just in front of the entrance for the falls, you will come across Oko Spring which has been chosen as one of the 100 Famous Waters in the nation where you can drink the fresh water springing from between the rocks surrounded by trees; the water has long been said to have healthful benefits. It’s just like drinking from a water canteen from the sky.

The onsen in the middle of the ocean that can only appear at low tide

You will want to take the 5 minute-walk from the waterfall to see the beautiful beach. And 20 minutes away by car, there is Hirai Kaichu Onsen, a very unusual hot spring that is only accessible for around 2 hours during low tide. Don’t forget to find out when low tide is since the onsen sinks into the ocean at high tide. At low tide, the ocean spans out and you can get a taste of the dynamism of Mother Nature as the surf hits the rocks. Although it is mixed bathing, using the onsen while wearing bathing suits is forbidden and there are no change rooms, so women should wear a bath towel. Since there is no staff at the onsen, please don’t forget to put in a 100-yen coin into the box. It is also a place where you will want to experience even for a foot bath.

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