Kozue Kairo Canopy Walk

A mid-air walk through the woods of Yakushima with the feeling of a bird

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A theme park where you can get that forest experience at tree level which you cannot get from merely hiking through the area. Everyone from kids to grownups can enjoy the experience.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

9am-5pm(there is a night tour during the summer) [close] Wednesdays (except summer), temporary closings(※prior reservations are required for Canopy Rope)
Adult: 1,000 YEN
Children: 500 YEN

The above prices are for the Canopy Walk Canopy Rope: Adults 1200 yen Children 1000 yen (must be 120cm and higher) Night Tour: Adults 3000 yen Children 2000 yen
677-44, Hara, Yakushimacho, Kumagegun,Kagoshima
(0997) 49-3232

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A forest theme park to enjoy some exercise

At the foot of Mt. Mocchamu at an altitude of 150m is Satoyama Woods. There you can experience the Canopy Walk and a rope slide while enjoying a light meal at the treehouse café. During the summer-only night tours, there is star-watching, exploration for glowing mushrooms and observation of nocturnal animals.

Enjoy the woods of Yakushima from the point of view of a bird

On the Canopy Walk, where you walk on a 300m boardwalk from tree to tree, you can experience walking slowly with a safety harness while picking up the scents of the trees and feeling the breeze. It is a walk whose eye level ranges from 2 to 12 meters where at the lower levels, you can view evergreen forests from the sides and look over the tops of young trees in the middle levels, and observe vine-like plants creeping up the trees and encounter small birds and insects living among them. At the higher 12m levels, you will be able to experience a view at bird’s-eye level. At the terrace just before the goal, there are megaphones where you can face Mt. Mocchamu and yell out your wishes.

Enjoy a thrilling flight through the landscape

The Canopy Rope has you geared up on a rope strung across the trees which you slide upon for a total length of 40m at a height of 12m during the first stage. Then from the halfway point, you slide through the air for another 50m at a height of 11m while enjoying the landscape below you as the greenery and streams pass by. Since you can stop wherever you like during the slide, you can enjoy a 360-degree view mid-air. There is even an economical plan in which you can enjoy the Canopy Rope 3 times. You can also try out woodcraft and pressed flowers. Rental shoes, pants, raincoats and gloves are available but if possible, please come out in comfortable wear.

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