Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center

An exhibition facility under the theme of the World Heritage site of Yakushima

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With plenty of information on the World Heritage sites of Yakushima and nature, you can also obtain information on mountain climbing. Even for people who don’t climb, this is a facility where you can get a deep insight on the environment of the island.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

9am-5pm [close] Saturdays from December to February
Anbomaedake, Yakushima-cho, Kumage-gun, Kagoshima
(0997) 46-2992

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A free facility to learn in detail about Mother Nature on Yakushima Island

3 years after Yakushima’s registration as a World Heritage site in 1993, this facility was opened under the Ministry of the Environment. The appeals of the Yakushima World Heritage sites and Yakushima National Park are introduced, everything from the origins of nature to the preservation of the environment are tackled, the rules and etiquette on mountain climbing are also widely introduced, and the center is the base for the operational management of the national park and research and study. It is a free facility where you can learn deeply about the nature of Yakushima from various points of view.

Easy-to-understand models and a rich amount of information

Beginning with the display of the relief map where you can learn at a glance about the World Heritage sites and highlights, everything from the evergreen forest zone along the shoreline to the grassland zone at the top of the mountains along with the distribution of flora adapted by altitude and climate are introduced through easy-to-understand models. In addition, you can view panels introducing the biodiversity of Yakushima and videos introducing the island’s natural beauty. At the Yakushima National Park Corner, models of the main mountains in the park are introduced by altitude and you will find out about the nature of the sea around Yakushima and about Kuchinoerabu-jima Island which is entirely a national park zone. Furthermore, the protected areas of Yakushima and activities on protecting the natural environment are introduced along with the rules and etiquette for mountain climbing. At the Yakushima Library, you can see a variety of books about the island and touchpanels with photographs centering on nature under season and other themes so that you can pursue your knowledge about Yakushima even more thoroughly. The Yakusugi Natural Museum is right beside the center so if you visit both facilities, you will be able to get a deep understanding on the island.

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