Notojima Aquarium

Meet the dolphins and the otters! A participatory aquarium with plenty of events

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An aquarium where you can really see the animals of the sea up close. There are numerous enjoyable features such as shows and feeding time, along with displays of unique fish only found around Notojima Island. The whale shark swimming in the huge water tank is incredible!
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

March 20-November 30 9am-5pm December 1-March 19 9am-4:30pm [close] December 29-31
Adult: 1,850 YEN
Children: 510 YEN

The Dolphin Pool September 1-July 14 Prices Adults  510 yen   Children under junior high school age (except for 3 and below) 300 yen How to participate: Apply at the sales counter on that day. The first 20 people are accepted. Since it’s a popular program, visitors should apply as soon as possible. The Dolphin Beach July 15-August 31 Prices  Adults 2050 yen Children 1020 yen Encountering the dolphins in the ocean is a summer-only event. Since it’s a very popular program, it is recommended that visitors make their reservations online at the homepage. Starting dates for reservations are not fixed. The Otters’ Feeding Time Cost of feed 100 yen
Magarimachi, Notojima, Nanao, Ishikawa
(0767) 84-1271

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The huge aqua blue water tank where a whale shark and penguins avidly swim

The Notojima Aquarium located on Notojima Island in the picturesque Nanao Bay has vibrant marine life, opportunities for petting the animals, shows and other features to provide a popular participatory aquarium experience. The big highlight is the Whale Shark Zone: Blue World. In a giant 1,600-tonne water tank, there is a whale shark and other large fish from the south seas which travel through the nearby Noto Sea. In addition, there is also one of the largest underwater tunnels in Japan known as the Tunnel Tank. The 22m-long tank has a capacity of 1,200 tonnes which allows natural light to softly pour in from the ceiling to give that realistic feeling of being underwater. Above your head is the impressive sight of avidly swimming penguins and dolphins. In the World of Jellyfish, you will see the wondrous sight of many jellyfish floating up in a darkened room. With LED lights shining upon the jellyfish, it almost seems like art.

Truly a hit! The magnificent show of sea bream and sardines

At the Notojima Aquarium, there are enjoyable performances all throughout the day with various sea life. The most popular among them is the Dolphins & Sea Lion Show. The darlings of the aquarium, the dolphins, swim at top speed and pull off soaring jumps! They also show their prowess in dancing and art. As well, the comical performances by the sea lions are also adorable. Inside the aquarium, about 2,000 sea breams swim as a group in rhythm with piano music in a performance known as The Sea Bream’s World of Light and Sound. Also, there is the highly-praised Sardine’s Big Wave in which about 10,000 sardines swim freely about.


Have that precious experience of meeting dolphins and sea otters

The variety-filled program of meeting the animals is also very popular. In particular, the interactive pool with the dolphins is a hit. You can also encounter the dolphins via precious experiences such as the Dolphin Beach which is open during the summers. Furthermore, there is the Otters’ Feeding Time where you can shake flippers with the otters, the Penguins’ Stroll during which Magellanic Penguins waddle about on the grounds, and other fun activities.

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