A natural cave mouth formed from the erosion of rough waves, the giant rock’s protrusion into the sea provides picturesque scenery

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Ganmon is a Place of Scenic Beauty which represents Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park. The spectacular sight of this cave mouth formed from the rough seas is something to behold. You can enjoy walking or an excursion cruise in Ganmon Park.
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Ganmon, a Place of Scenic Beauty formed from nature and the rough waves of Noto

The 29km-long coastal area which is a part of Noto Peninsula Quasi-National Park in the northwestern part of the Noto Peninsula is called Noto-Kongo which is made up of picturesque scenery of strangely-shaped rocks and cliffs formed from the rough waves of the Sea of Japan. Among these features is Ganmon which is a Place of Scenic Beauty that represents Noto-Kongo and attracts many tourists. The giant rock that measures 6m in width, 15m in height and 60m in depth protrudes into the sea, and its naturally-carved rough-hewn shape which includes the cave mouth that has been opened by erosion over the centuries can be seen. In the winter, the waves become more turbulent as a phenomenon known as “Nami-no-Hana” (The Flower of Waves) appears during days of seasonal winds. The waves which strike the rocky areas become a white froth which appears like snow. It is a symbol of Noto in winter.

※Please be careful of getting too close during this time since the “Nami-no-Hana” can leave stains on clothing.

Ganmon right in front of you. Get full enjoyment of Noto-Kongo at Ganmon Park.

The Ganmon area has been made into a park where you can enjoy a walk through Noto-Kongo. The No. 1 highlight is the soaring rock wall right at the front of Ganmon where you can see how the wave-created hole pierced right through the rock. You can get an even bigger sense of its beauty carved out from nature through the large cave and the open sea seen through the hole. You will also want to enjoy the rest of Noto-Kongo outside of Ganmon which includes Fudo Falls, Taka-no-Su, and Senjojiki. There are also a café and a restaurant in the park for some rest and relaxation while enjoying the view.


Tour Ganmon from an excursion boat viewing Noto-Kongo from the sea

There are docks for an excursion boat within the park and you can enjoy the wonderful scenery from the ocean. A number of spectacular scenes can be savored starting with Ganmon and then moving onto Taka-no-Su Rock, Goban Island, Japan’s oldest wooden lighthouse, Senjojiki, and Port Fukuura. The tour lasts about 20 minutes. The 2 places to board are the Noto-Kongo Center and Tabi-no-Eki Ganmon; no matter from which place you board, the time of the tour is the same. However, due to the rough seas in winter, there is no tour during that season (between late November and mid-March).


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