Wakura Onsen

The spring of excellent water percolating from the ocean makes for a relaxing onsen for body and soul

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The 1200-year-old Wakura Onsen has a wealth of salts in this singular hot spring of the seas with its excellent waters which are effective for injuries and beautiful skin. You can enjoy the appeal of superb scenery looking out on the bay and wonderful dishes from the sea.
Ta 55, Ishizakimachi, Nanao shi, Ishikawa 
(0767) 62-1555

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The healing waters which began with the legend of the white heron

Wakura Onsen which has a 1200-year history is known as a picturesque onsen town with a panoramic view of Nanao Bay. There are many things to attract visitors including prime seafood harvested from the bay, dishes in which you can taste the local vegetables grown in fertile mineral-rich soil, and proud accommodations offering hospitality refined over many many years. The origins of Wakura Onsen involved a couple who, on seeing a white heron which had injured its leg but healed it by dipping it into the ocean, realized that there was an onsen there. Later on, the area became known for its healing waters from its developing reputation which included the news of the leader of the Kaga Clan which controlled the area healing a tumor there.

The various effects from the waters blessed by the sea

Wakura Onsen, which is celebrated as “The Hot Spring of the Seas”, is famous for its excellent effect from the inclusion of a rich variety of salts. The waters are effective for disinfecting injuries and skin ailments, retaining heat to prevent chills after leaving the bath, and making skin smooth as well as treating rheumatism, gout and nerve pain. At an international mineral spring exhibition held in Germany in 1880, it was awarded 3rd Prize as a global mineral spring and gained high praise all over the world for its fine waters.

Enjoy a tour of the hot springs while strolling through the town

At Wakura Onsen, you can easily enjoy the hot springs while taking a stroll through the town. For instance, at Souyu which is located in the town, you can soak in a day-trip onsen for a reasonable price. The interior, which was renovated in 2011, is comfortable with a large rest area laid with tatami. In addition, Yuttari Park which is right along the bayshore is a foot bath facility which has free admission where you can fully enjoy the view of the beautiful bay while leisurely soaking your feet in the warm waters. You will also want to enjoy your tour with a tranquil walk through the temples including the adjacent Seirin-ji and Shingyo-ji.

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