Mitsukejima Island

An island with a romantic beach where you can hope for that wonderful encounter

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Mitsukejima Island is called the Holy Land for Lovers where it’s said that love can blossom if the Matchmaking Bell on the shore is rung and a wish is made. The romantic scene of the morning sun rising is also popular.
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The illumination on Mitsukejima March-September 7pm-10:45pm October-February 5:45pm-10:30pm
Ukai, Horyumachi, Suzu, Ishikawa
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An ivory island soaring from the blue sea

Mitsukejima is an island which soars above Iida Bay in the northeastern part of the Noto Peninsula. It measures 400m in circumference and rises 28m above the surface of the blue water with green trees growing on the top of its white cliffs, a contrasting scene that leaves quite an impression. The shape of the island resembles that of a battleship which has given Mitsukejima the nickname of “Battleship Island”. It is uninhabited and though you cannot go onto the top of the island, there is a path which extends from Mitsuke Beach to the island so that you can approach it closely. When you look up from the 200m rocky path, you can really sense the rock walls and the spectacle of Mitsukejima. In the vicinity, there is a pine forest with a nature trail and a grassy field. In spring, there are cherry blossoms which adorn the island with a special view. Also nearby, there is a campground and visitors can enjoy swimming and other leisure activities in the summer.

A power spot of love protected by Noto

The island which is famous for being the Holy Land for Lovers is a popular spot for couples and for those who are looking for that special someone. Mitsuke Beach which is connected to the island only faces calm waves and provides a romantic place with the blue of the ocean around Noto and the white of the sands. On the beach, there is the Matchmaking Bell. When it is struck and a wish is made upon it, then it is said that the person will find good fortune in love. The entire area is also known as “Enmusu (Matchmaking) Beach” which is also well known as a place with some of Ishikawa Prefecture’s finest dawns. The beach should be visited early in the morning on a fine day in which you can witness an especially beautiful sunrise. Mitsukejima is backlit in red and the sun rising from the sea is impressive. At night, the island is illuminated throughout the year which makes the white rock walls all the more solemn as they glow in the light.



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