Tadami Beech Center (Tadami Beech & River Museum)

Learning about nature through the co-existence of beech trees and Tadami

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A facility maintaining the lush natural environment of the Tadami region and the life inhabiting the area. At the center’s museum, the research is displayed and introduced.
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Monday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Wednesday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
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Friday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Sunday ( 9:0 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Adult: 300 JPY
Children: 150 JPY

The above refers to the Tadami Beech & River Museum
Machishita-2590 Tadami, Tadami-machi, Minamiaizu-gun, Fukushima
(0241) 72-8355

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A facility to protect the nature of Tadami

Tadami is the capital of Mother Nature, and its beech forest, which is 4 times the size of the World Heritage site of the Shirakami Mountains, is an extremely valuable and breathtaking area with a variety of animals and plants. UNESCO which focuses on the co-existence between Man and Nature registered the facility as a UNESCO park in 2012. Within the area of Tadami, which is 1.2 times the size of Tokyo’s 23 wards, 90% consists of beech forest, and Tadami Beech Center was set up to preserve the lush nature of the area.

Get a better understanding of Tadami and its beeches at the museum

The center maintains the natural environment for the whole of the town of Tadami, beginning with its beech forest, looks after the welfare of the animals and plants, and relates the importance of all of these as its activities. The Tadami Beech & River Museum attached to the Tadami Beech Center is a facility where knowledge pertaining to the beech forest and valuable research can be obtained. On top of the permanent exhibits under the theme of the beech forest and nature of Tadami, there are videos and exhibits of the flora and fauna. On the screen in the open entrance, there is a picture of a giant beech tree within the forest. Even on the video, it is a very impressive sight. Also, in the rear gallery, you can view a diorama of a recreated beech forest environment. In the surrounding water tanks, there are fish from the forest swimming there, along with stuffed animals adorning the facility. As well, there are specimens of fish, reptiles, insects and other animals. In the gallery on the 2nd floor, everyday articles that were used by the people of Tadami are on display. You can catch a glimpse of how people managed to live with Mother Nature in Tadami which is also known as an area of heavy snowfall. Along with the permanent displays, there are also special exhibits 4 times a year, so please check the homepage.

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