Furusato Snow Festival

Fukushima’s largest snow festival which is greatly celebrated even during the coldest of winters

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Tadami is known as one of Japan’s foremost areas for heavy snowfall. Along with the dynamic snow statues and fireworks, you can also enjoy candlelight in tribute to disaster recovery, traditional entertainment and local cuisine.
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Enjoy the winter of Tadami only found in the area of heavy snowfall

In Tadami, which is known everywhere in Japan as a famous area of heavy snow, the Tadami Furusato Snow Festival is held annually, while making use of this snow. About 20,000 people are involved in Fukushima’s largest winter event. In particular, what is amazing are the large snow statues that take up to 20 days to create. On top of that, students from the area including those from elementary school build statues of varying sizes so that all of Tadami is enveloped with that festival feeling. Also, you can get a glimpse of the history and culture of Tadami through traditional events such as the exorcism ceremony of Ohenbe for men who are 42 years of age which is considered to be an unlucky year, kagura singing and dancing, and taiko drumming. At the Yukinko market, local cuisine and special items by the local people are sold, and there is an area where even kids can enjoy things like games, raffles and snow slides. The entire day is alive with excitement as talk shows and performances featuring famous celebrities are also featured. And at Tadami Ski Resort, you can also try out snowmobiling and touring. At the Furusato Snow Festival which is one of the big signs of winter in Tadami, you can have a great time in many ways that can only be had in an area of great snowfall.

Spectacular fireworks and Candle Road

The snow festival is an event which can be enjoyed for sampling the local fare of Tadami as well as its traditions and culture. It is an event where you can have a good time for a day starting from noon, but there are also many highlights at night with spectacular fireworks going off against the pure white snow and the illumination. The sight of evening fireworks soaring up against the background of giant snow statues brings a finale which beautifully decorates the cold sky. The candles lit in prayer for recovery make for a spectacle that is soothing for the soul. The entire family will undoubtedly spend a fine time within a Tadami winter.

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