Forest Branch School Fuzawa

An interactive learning school surrounded by one of the finest primeval beech forests in the world

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This is an interactive learning facility that was restored from an abandoned branch school. Have an unforgettable experience of the culture of a mountain village by getting a taste of farm work and food culture.
Adult: 5,800 JPY
Children: 4,800 JPY

The price is for 1 night, 2 days. An additional 300 yen is attached to the above prices as a heating cost during the winter season (November to the end of March)
森林の分校ふざわ, Okubo-544 Fuzawa, Tadami, Minamiaizu District, Fukushima
(0241) 71-9511

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A nature school in the midst of a primeval beech forest

The primeval beech forest of Tadami in Fukushima Prefecture is 4 times the size of the World Heritage site of the Shirakami Mountains. Within this vast forest, there are huge beech trees, a number of lovely waterfalls and marshes, and a large variety of flora and fauna. This is an area that has been registered as a UNESCO eco-park and which preserves nature that is considered to be precious on a global scale. Within this example of nature, the Forest Branch School Fuzawa is located in Tadami’s Fuzawa area to provide various ways of interactive learning in regards to mountain village culture. This facility was restored from a former elementary school to also become a lodging house. The accommodations are a bit snug with 3 guest rooms, but it has some nice perks with the ability to sample the delicious seasonal cuisine of Fuzawa and Fukazawa Onsen which is located inside the town and is free to use. No matter what, this is an irreplaceable experience to spend a night surrounded by a living beech forest several hundred years old. The facility can be enjoyed by groups and families.

Lots of interactive learning

Beginning with the “Megumi no Mori” walking course through the beech forest, there are numerous examples of interactive learning made available. These would include the Farming Experience in which you would learn about the rigors and joy of harvest through working in the fields, the Food Culture Experience where you can taste local fare such as mushrooms, soba and rice cakes, the Traditional Crafts Experience where you can create works of art such as straw craft, and the Traditional Culture Experience where you can tour through historical landmarks. The Nature Experience is also popular for its stroll through the forest, gathering of fruits, and getting in touch with Mother Nature. From kids to grown-ups, there are just so many interesting ways to learn for everyone. Furthermore, at the now rarely-seen charcoal grilling hut, you can participate in a campfire where you can enjoy a barbeque.

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