Lake Tagokura

A lake that looks wonderful no matter the season with its fresh greenery, fall leaves and snow camellia

A lake that was formed from the construction of Tagokura Dam, it is a large body of water that is a proud reservoir within the country where excursion boats operate. You will be carried away by the nature of Tadami that can be seen from the top of the lake.
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田子倉湖, Tadami, Fukushima Prefecture


Get that great lake view from cycling, hiking or cruising

Lake Tagokura which was formed from the creation of Tagokura Dam is a popular tourist spot not just for its size but also for the beauty of its surrounding nature throughout the seasons. Formed from the stoppage of the main current of the Tadami River, the wide scenery downstream can also be enjoyed. The lake has also been selected as one of the Top 100 Dam Lakes in Japan. From the observation point at the dam, Lake Tagokura can also be seen downstream, and at the back of the lake, so can Mt. Gamoudake and Mt. Asakusadake which make up two of the Three Grand Mountains of Tadami. The sight of Mt. Asakusadake which still has snow even in the summer is reminiscent of the Swiss Alps. There are walking trails in the vicinity, cycling and hiking can be enjoyed, and there are even fishermen waiting to land some big char. Upstream of the lake can only be accessed by boat, but there are excursion cruises which are recommended to fully and leisurely enjoy the surrounding nature from the top of the lake. No matter which season it is, there is always a lovely lake view with the fresh greenery of summer against the snow-capped mountains and the leaves of autumn. Access is closed to the area in winter due to the heavy snow, but after the spring thaw, the entire lakeshore is covered in bright red snow camellia.

There are also plenty of observation facilities at Tagokura Dam

Tagokura Dam, which is a part of Echigo Sanzan-Tadami Quasi-National Park and has been selected as one of the Top 100 Dam Lakes in Japan, is also the spot to view some wonderful scenery. Tagokura Power Station which is attached to the dam has one of the largest power output figures in the country and is one of the representative hydroelectric stations for Japan. As a large-scale dam with a total reservoir capacity of 5 tonnes, the size is undoubtedly amazing. The structure of the hydroelectric plant is made under the theme of water with the Denpatsu Tadami Museum being recommended for its various exhibits.

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