Nishizawa Gorge

Picturesque scenery boasting one of Japan’s most beautiful gorges which has been selected as one of the nation’s Top 100 Natural Views

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In addition to the beautiful waterfalls of varying sizes represented by Nanatsugama Godan Falls, the early summer rhododendron and the fall colors are splendid. It is also a spot that has been recognized as a forest therapy road.
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[close] Hiking is not possible from December 1st to April 28th
西沢渓谷, yamanashi prefecture
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The attractive waterfall created from mountain streams

The Nishizawa Gorge formed from the upstream flows of the Fuefuki River goes through the 3 prefectures of Yamanashi, Nagano and Saitama and is located within Chichibu-Tama Kai National Park. A scenic area which boasts one of Japan’s most beautiful gorges, its clear streams ate away at the huge granite to create a truly natural example of art. The waterfalls that have been made from the flow of streams going through the primeval forest are perfectly clear and have a mystical attraction. The gorge has also made it onto a number of Top 100 lists including the Top 100 Waters in the Heisei Era, the Top 100 Waterfalls in Japan and the New Top 100 Tourist Sites in Japan.

Popular hiking courses during the season of fall colors

There is a course going through Nishizawa Gorge which is about 10km and takes about 4 hours to navigate. Starting with Nanatsugama Godan Falls, enjoy the walk through the woods as you view the myriad expressions revealed through the beauty of the gorge. The course is well-equipped with an information board at each viewpoint. The first half of the hike will have you right beside the stream as you go up and then the second half will take you gently down a mountain road. There is also the 3km Mie Falls round-trip course which takes 1 hour and 30 minutes and doesn’t have too many ups and downs.

A forest scientifically proven to have therapeutic effects

Nishizawa Gorge has been recognized and proven as a Forest Therapy Base by experts for its relaxing effects in forest therapy. The above 2 hiking courses have also been recognized as Therapy Roads and are endorsed trails scientifically proven for their effects on healing and preventing sickness. However, please note that due to the accumulation of snow, hiking is not possible between December 1st and April 28th.

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