Tokyo Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari

An onsen theme park where you can thoroughly enjoy natural hot springs in Odaiba

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The attraction is natural hot springs that bubble up from 1400 meters underground. Along with onsen each for men and women, there are 14 types of onsen. Relaxing inside the facility while wearing a yukata is popular.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 AM )
Sunday ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 11:0 AM ~ 9:0 AM )

(9 o’clock the next morning) [close] Open all year (However, some nights are closed due to maintenance)
Adult: 2,480 YEN
Children: 1,000 YEN

Weekends and holidays 2680 yen
Oedo Onsen Monogatari Hot Springs Oumi 2-6-3, Koto, Tokyo
(03) 5500-1126

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A natural hot spring to be enjoyed in the center of the city

When it comes to Odaiba, a popular area of shopping malls and multipurpose facilities to provide a variety of entertainment comes to mind. It is indeed a notable spot recommended for families and couples, but in the middle of the metropolis, Tokyo Odaiba Oedo Onsen Monogatari is the place to enjoy natural hot springs. The hot waters that bubble up from 1400 meters underground are extremely mellow. After warming your body, you can still enjoy relaxing your body and mind in the waters that leave a slight residual heat. There are many kinds of baths such as the big common bath, the Bath of Silk with its cloudy water, the Sleeping Bath where you can lie down, the large open-air bath where you can feel the enjoyable breeze outdoors, and in the women’s baths, there are a barrel bath and a mist bath. Along with the natural baths, you can enjoy the Rock Salt Sauna which uses 300-million-year-old Himalayan rock salt, a body scrub and other kinds of esthetic treatments. And for those people who want to thoroughly enjoy their onsen experience at leisure, the private rooms attached to the open-air bath are suggested. Of course, accommodations are available and rooms can be rented by the hour. Also, there is Tsunayoshi-no-Yu, the special onsen for dogs.

Take a walk around the old downtown of Edo

The inside of the facility has been built to resemble an area right out of the shitamachi (downtown) area of the Edo Era. Within this recreated area overflowing with the mood of Edo, walking around in your yukata is one way to enjoy yourself. Since yukata can be rented out, you can go out without having to bring anything. There are also plenty of amusements such as festival games, fortune-telling, a game corner and even purikura photo booths. Also the foot bath which is inside the 2300 sq. meter Japanese garden can be enjoyed by visitors in their yukata, and the pebbles spread out in the area stimulate the pressure points on your feet. There is nighttime illumination which provides a different mood.

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