Rainbow Bridge

The landmark of the Tokyo waterfront. The night view is spectacular!

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Redevelopment of this seaside city center began in 1989. And the center of this newly built city was the Rainbow Bridge with its curvy unrestricted design. The night view is especially beautiful.
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The landmark for the new Tokyo Bay Area  

Rainbow Bridge is a suspension bridge that links Shibaura Wharf by Tokyo Bay to Daiba, and was opened in 1993 to connect the seaside city center with the center of the metropolis as a basic transportation facility. In the form of a suspension bridge with the design of a free and graceful curve and an arch that seems to cut through Tokyo Bay, its appearance has made the bridge a beloved sight for many people as a landmark for the new Tokyo Bay area.

The bridge is not only a traffic route with an expressway and a monorail, but it also has a walking route that can be traversed over its 1.7 km. On the way to Daiba from Shibaura Wharf, it’s also great to walk over the bridge while admiring the view of ships crossing the bay and a modern waterfront.

In Daiba, there is an area called Daiba Park which has remnants of an encampment built to confront the American armada in 1853 when it forced Japan open to the world. The view from this place, famous in history for opening up Japan, is incredibly beautiful for seeing Rainbow Bridge up close. Also, the area surrounding Odaiba Kaihin Park which has a sandy cove extending from Daiba Park is also a popular tourist spot. With a strolling path along the beach with a view of the bridge, the uniquely designed Fuji-TV headquarters with the giant ball that seems to float in the air (designed by Kenzo Tange who also designed the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building in Shinjuku), and other sights, a futuristic view of a waterfront has merged the sea and nature, and a new Tokyo landscape has been born.

Odaiba Kaihin Park’s Statue of Liberty  

In addition, there is the Statue of Liberty within Odaiba Kaihin Park. In commemoration of Japan’s friendship with France, the Statue of Liberty that had been on Ile des Cygnes on the River Seine in France was lent to Odaiba for 1 year in 1998. But then after getting official permission from the French government, it was completely rebuilt and newly placed in 2000 as a symbol of Japan-France friendship. The Statue of Liberty with Rainbow Bridge in the background has become a highlight of the Daiba area.

Rainbow Bridge and the surrounding waterfront area are not just places to be enjoyed as the new Tokyo landscape, but it also has plenty of commercial facilities with shopping malls, restaurants and an amusement park for young people and families. Also, you can relax on the artificially-created beach and grass, and walk on the paths so that it’s ideal to spend a relaxing day there. In particular, the sunset walk and the nightscape with all of the bright lights make for spectacular views.

The illumination takes place nightly, but the color of the illumination on Rainbow Bridge changes according to the season and events. There is the special lighting display which involves 3 changing colors that occurs at times such as Xmas and New Year’s. The illumination uses technology that is a world-first so it’s something that shouldn’t be missed.

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Rainbow Bridge is a 13 minute walk from Shibaurafuto Station. Remaining on the train will allow you to cross over the bridge for stunning views of Tokyo Bay from the comfort of your seat. Alternatively, leave Shibaurafuto Station and walk directly toward the bridge.

From Tokyo Station to Shibaurafuto Station:
Take the Yokosuka Line to Shimbashi Station, change trains to the Yurikamome Line to Shibaurafuto Station (10 minutes, ¥390)

From Shinjuku Station to Shibaurafuto Station:
Take the Oedo Line Shiodome Station, change trains to the Yurikamome Line to Shibaurafuto Station (28 minutes, ¥470)


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9 years ago
Mario Kart
That's what you were thinking right. Not much to say from this bridge besides go at night of course when the bridge is lit up. I will burst your bubble by letting you know its not much like Mario Kart. The bridge does light up sometimes but not enough to really capture your imagination. I will also say it can depend on the day sometimes it looks good and sometimes it doesn't seem to be on but other than that it's on your way to Odaiba so just go and see the giant Gundam on your way, you'll see it at night anyway.
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9 years ago
Night views and fireworks
An amazing bridge. You can walk its length or enjoy stunning views from the train. It is fair to say that the bridge looks better at night time, illuminated by the colours of the rainbow. Around December time, you can enjoy a special firework display held every weekend (best viewed from the Decks building), that captures the essence of Rainbow Bridge, Tokyo Tower illuminated behind it, and a stunning scene of fireworks in the foreground.
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