Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival

The combination of Tokyo Bay’s beautiful nightscape and the fireworks provides an artistic beauty

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A splendid fireworks festival well worth seeing for the largest 5-shakudama shells flying over the metropolis. Taking place at the prime location of Tokyo Bay, about 12,000 explosions light up the night sky.
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The second Saturday of August(or The second Sunday ) 6:50pm-8:10pm
晴海ふ頭公園 5 Harumi, Chuo, Tokyo
(03) 3248-1561

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A fireworks festival to be enjoyed with the night skyline

The Tokyo Bay Grand Fireworks Festival is one of Tokyo’s premiere fireworks events which shares its great popularity with the Sumida River Fireworks Festival and the Jingu-Gaien Fireworks Festival. Annually, more than 600,000 tourists come to the lively event. The scene of 12,000 fireworks at the bay where you can see Rainbow Bridge with the beautiful night view of Odaiba in the background is incredible. Among these, the 10 explosions of the largest-grade shells of 5-shakudama and the 100 explosions of shakudama shells are truly spectacular. These are dynamic fireworks of which the 100 shakudama shells reach an arrival altitude of 330m while the 5-shakudama shells hit 400m, with the possibility that they could even hit as high as the observation deck of Tokyo Sky Tree. The fireworks are launched from either Harumi Wharf or offshore and light up the entirety of Tokyo Bay in vivid colors. The dynamic fireworks can be fully enjoyed as they go up nearby from Harumi Wharf Park and the surrounding venues, but an admission ticket is essential. If you would like to view the fireworks at a venue, application for an admission ticket at the homepage or a purchase of a sponsored letter of invitation is necessary.

Other areas where you can view the fireworks aside from the official venues

Even if you can’t see the festival from the venues, it’s relatively possible to still see the fireworks over Tokyo Bay from a wide area. There are sites such as Shiokaze Park in Shinagawa Ward, Ariake Bridge, Takeshiba Pier Park and Shinagawa Pier Park. You can also enjoy a fine view from areas in Odaiba Ward such as Lalaport Toyosu. The fireworks can also be seen from Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree and Roppongi Hills, although depending on the site, it will be important to secure a place beforehand. Also, excursion cruises are sold where you can take a night cruise on Tokyo Bay. Since meals also come on the cruises, you can enjoy the spectacular fireworks without worrying about the crowds.

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The best place to watch the fireworks is from the Decks building. From Tokyo Teleport Station exit A, walk straight keeping Diver City in front of you. Turn right and head into the foot bridge that crosses the train tracks. Continue straight on the bridge and down to street level. From the foot bridge exit, walk straight crossing one main road, and you will see the Decks building in front of you on the right hand side.From Shinjuku Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (25 minutes, ¥500)

From Tokyo Station to Tokyo Teleport Station:
Take the Yamanote Line to Osaki Station, change trains to the Rinkai Line for Tokyo Teleport Station (20 minutes, ¥500)

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