World Trade Center Building Observation Deck

An observation deck opened in 1970 that has looked over the changing landscape from its 152m height

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The WTC observation deck has continued to be admired as “the observation deck where the Tokyo Tower can most beautifully be seen”, and it’s a place where you can enjoy the jewel-like nightscape of Tokyo.
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Adult: 620 YEN
Children: 360 YEN

High school students 620 yen Junior high school students 360 yen Children 260 yen
世界貿易センタービル,2-4-1 Hamamatsucho , Minato-ku, Tokyo
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The panoramic 360°view resembles a diorama

Since its opening in 1970, the Seaside Top observation deck has charmed many visitors with its wide 360°view. But with the rush in constructing ultra-high skyscrapers and the competition among the height of observation decks, the 152m Seaside Top is no longer a unique phenomenon. Still, the attraction of the view seen from this deck is the beauty of the balance between the distant and nearby views born from the height and location of the building. Off in the distance, Mt. Fuji, Skytree, the cluster of skyscrapers, Tokyo Bay and other sights can be seen whereas Tokyo Tower can get a close-up look. Seaside Top is “the observation deck where the Tokyo Tower can most beautifully be seen”. On the other hand, on ground level, there is a diorama-like scene with sites like gardens and shrines from the Edo Era, and trains going back and forth. T

he quality of comfort and ideal access

The WTC is easily accessible as it is in a prime location right beside JR Hamamatsucho Station. There are not too many tourists going up to the 40th-floor observation deck so you can get a view of Tokyo quietly and at your own pace. Heading up to the deck at sunset is also good as you relax and watch the veil of night fall. As the sky gradually darkens and the small lights begin to appear in the evening, a Tokyo nightscape that resembles a glittering carpet of jewels spreads out. There is also the pleasant appearance of lighting although the ability to enjoy this view will also become brief. In 2019, the building is scheduled to be demolished due to a redevelopment project. Afterwards, a state-of-the-art building will be constructed on the site. To see Tokyo Tower at its most beautiful from “a proper height” in the remaining time is something that should not be missed.

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4 years ago
Best Nightview spot in Tokyo
If you want to take your date out for a romantic night, this is the place to be. In my opinion the World Trade Center's Observation Deck has the most stunning view in Tokyo, because you have a great view on the the Tokyo Tower an can see Tokyo's light light up when the sun is setting. There are comfortable chairs and benches and it is not very crowded either. The ticket price is good too, 620 yen pp. Also a great place to show to first timers in Tokyo
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