A thrilling bridge from where you can see the whirling tides through the glass floor

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A place where you experience the rough roaring whirlpools through sight and sound. You can see a panoramic view of the magnificent whirlpools and the Naruto Channel.
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March-September 9am-6pm October-February 9am-5pm The Golden Week holidays and summer holidays(7/20-8/31) 9am-7pm [close] The second Monday in March, June, September and December
Adult: 510 YEN
Children: 250 YEN
Fukuike, Narutocho Tosadomariura, Naruto-shi, Tokushima
(088) 683-6262

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The promenade located by the girders of the Onaruto Bridge

The whirling tides of the Naruto Channel which are a famous tourist attraction in Tokushima Prefecture happen to be one of the three major tides in the world and are the largest tides with a maximum diameter of 20m. Uzunomichi is an observation facility for a marine nature trail built underneath the roadway of the Onaruto Bridge spanning across the Naruto Channel from which you can see the amazing whirlpools.

Spectacular whirlpools seen from 45 meters above

The 450m-long promenade has a wire netting fence on either side so that while you can feel the wind and sound, you can also enjoy that walk over the sea with that wonderful view of the magnificent Naruto Channel. When you take a look through the glass-bottomed floors which are set up at 4 locations along the promenade, you can see the ocean engulfed in the violent throes from a thrilling 45m height above the water. There is a rest area for each of the 4 locations so that you can take your time enjoying your walk. The observation room at the end of the promenade is a round chamber making use of the girder space for the bridge. It’s thrilling to be able to see the spectacular whirling tides of the Naruto Channel, one of the three major tides in the world, straight below through glass floors from straight above where you can hear the roars of the rough tides. Also, the epic view of the Pacific Ocean and the Seto Inland Sea is also marvelous.

Also plenty of facilities to enjoy and learn about whirlpools

At 7 places along the promenade, there are QR codes set up so that you can listen to audio guides on your cellphone or smartphone and enjoy the scenery of the Naruto Channel while hearing the explanations about the whirlpools, the environment around the channel and Onaruto Bridge. Also, children can also enjoy facilities such as the Whirlpool Theater where they can view the giant whirlpools on a huge 270-inch screen, the Uzumaru virtual simulator with video displaying the whirlpools as seen from underwater and the Naruto Channel seen from the air, and a fishing game. The time that the whirlpools appear changes daily so please check the website beforehand before visiting.

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