Onokorojima Shrine

The amazing “torii” gate is one of Japan’s three greatest shrine gates

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One of the largest “torii” gates in Japan is a highlight at this shrine, famous for providing good fortune in safe childbirth and matchmaking. Onokorojima Shrine is located in an area known for the myth of the gods creating this nation, according to the “Kojiki”, Japan’s oldest historical record.
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Onokorojima Shrine, Enamishimohada 415, Minami Awaji, Hyogo
(0799) 42-5320

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Encounter history in the birthplace of Japan

According to Japan’s oldest historical record, the Kojiki, Onokorojima Shrine is known as the sacred land of the gods Izanagi and Izanami where the nation was born. The two gods are enshrined within Onokorojima which is visited by many people in search of good luck in matchmaking and safe childbirth. But the most famous sight is the deep red giant torii gate. At a height of 21.7 meters, its huge size is overwhelming. This enormous torii at Onokorojima Shrine is one of Japan’s Three Major Torii, ranking alongside Itsukishima Shrine and Heian Shrine. Next to it is a huge pine tree which is also worthy of note because of how elegantly it soars into the sky. Usually, pine needles split into two but the needles on this tree divide three ways which is unique. The tree is beloved by many as a natural lucky charm. As well, the landscape surrounding the shrine has plenty of nature to be revealed during the four seasons which further soothes the soul.

When coming to pray…

Once you go beyond the massive torii, you will come across the seiden, or the main shrine. It is here that prayers are made for ceremonies such as weddings and the Shichi-Go-San.(Paying homage at the shrine can be done freely but inquiries must be made in advance for anyone interested in praying.)To the east of the main shrine is a sacred tree whereas to the west is Yaoyorozu Shrine where Izanagi and Izanami are enshrined. Pregnant women who come here to pray for a safe childbirth are invited to visit Sannomiya Shrine on the west side of Yaoyorozu. To pray for success in matchmaking and matrimonial happiness, visiting Sekirei Rock is suggested. This is a rock which is wrapped in red and white cords and visitors who are seeking a new romantic relationship should first touch the white and then the red cord before making that prayer. For those individual visitors who want to deepen a current relationship ought to touch the red and then the white cord before praying. Furthermore, couples who come to pray should have the man touching the red cord and the woman touching the white cord before holding hands and praying.

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