Izanagi-jingu Shinto shrine

Japan’s oldest Shinto shrine, enshrining the Japanese deities (“Izanagi” and “Izanami”) who gave birth to the nation

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According to “Kojiki” and “Nihon Shoki”, Japan’s oldest historical records, this is the nation’s oldest Shinto shrine. It enshrines “Izanagi-no-Mikoto” and “Izanami-no-Mikoto”, the deities who gave birth to the Japanese archipelago.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Sunday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
740 Taga, Awaji, Hyogo
(0799) 80-5001

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