Otsuka Museum of Art

The world’s first museum of art where you can view copies of famous paintings from 25 countries

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An unique ceramic panel art museum of masterpieces. About 1000 masterpieces have been perfectly reproduced in their original size. You can experience the awe of seeing the masterpieces almost as if you were seeing the original.
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Tuesday ( 9:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Wednesday ( 9:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
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Friday ( 9:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Saturday ( 9:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )
Sunday ( 9:30 AM ~ 5:0 PM )

[close] Mondays (If a public holiday falls on Monday, the Museum will be closed the following day) *temporary closing days in 2018   ・Janruany 15 (Mon.) - 19 (Fri.)   ・February 13 (Tue.) - 19 (Mon.)   ・March 20 (Tue.)
65-1 Aza Fukuike, Narutocho Tosadomariura, Naruto-shi, Tokushima
(088) 687-3737

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Feel the power of masterpieces from 25 nations

The Otsuka Museum of Art is a place where all of the exhibits are replicas of world masterpieces that have been perfectly reproduced. Starting with the perfect reproduction of the ceiling fresco of the Sistine Chapel painted by Michelangelo, there is also Monet’s “Water Lilies” from Musee de l'Orangerie in France, El Greco’s restoration of a large altar screen, “Mona Lisa” from The Louvre, along with exhibits from Leonardo Da Vinci, Goya, Renoir, Picasso, Dali and other masters from eras such as the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Baroque Era, Early Modern and Contemporary all arranged in a comprehensible order in terms of art history. The recreations of famous art works on display number up to 1000 representing 25 countries. They range from 3 floors underground to 2 floors above ground covering a distance of 4km where you can get guided tours by volunteers of the wide facility under different themes and even listen to commentaries on about 100 artworks via audio guides in English, Chinese and Korean.

Masterpieces faithfully recreated on ceramic panels

This is an art museum of replicas which is unprecedented in the world in which all of the masterpieces have been reproduced onto ceramic panels via special techniques. The dimensions and colorings have been recreated and when compared to paper and canvas, the colors have not deteriorated so the works can be preserved for all time which has contributed to the preservation of the cultural records. Even the size has been faithfully recreated so you can feel the power and presence of the real thing. This is the world’s only art museum where you can interact with the world’s art museums while in Japan. It’s also great in that since all of the works are replicas, you can take photographs of everything. There is also a restaurant, a café and a museum shop so you will want to take a full day to appreciate everything.

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