Awa Odori Kaikan

A must-see spot in Tokushima. You can see the Awa Odori (dance) 365 days a year

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This is the place to go to always enjoy Tokushima’s world-renowned Awa Odori. After seeing the dance performances, the audience can also enjoy trying the dance themselves.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Sunday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )

Awa Odori afternoon performances: 2pm,3pm,4pm(weekends and holidays 11am)、evening performances: 8pm Awa Odori Museum 9am-5pm Bizan Ropeway 4/1~10/31 9am-9pm, 11/1~3/31 9am-5:30pm
2-20 Shinmachibashi, Tokushima
(088) 611-1611

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Awa Odori enjoyed daily, day and night

During the 4 days of celebrating the Obon holidays annually in August, there is the traditional Japanese entertainment of the Awa Odori held in Tokushima which can also be enjoyed all throughout the year at this facility. At the Awa Odori Hall which seats a maximum of 250 people, there is a 40-minute program held by the Awa-no-Kaze troupe belonging to Awa Odori Kaikan which is performed 3 times a day in the afternoon and 4 times on weekends and holidays. Along with old-style dances and more contemporary dance performances, there is also a lecture at the end about the art form itself before visitors can dance together with the performers. There is one 50-minute performance every night involving famous troupes with the Awa Odori Promotion Association (16 troupes) and the Tokushima Prefecture Awa Odori Association (17 troupes within the Tokushima City chapter) switching nightly with one troupe/night each providing performances. On the website for the center, you can check to see which famous troupe will be performing through the schedule calendar.

Tokushima’s largest souvenir shop and a ropeway station

At the Awa Odori Museum on the 3rd floor, you can view displays of the Awa Odori costumes and musical instruments and games as well as learn about the appeal and history of Awa Odori, and there is even the Awa Odori 3D Theater where you can enjoy a 3D video of Awa Odori. On the 1st floor, there is the Information Corner where you can get information on tourist sites in Tokushima and the shop Arudeyo Tokushima which has plenty of souvenirs including prefectural specialties and handicrafts. The 5th floor has the boarding station for the Bizan Ropeway which heads for the top of Mt. Bizan where you can see the city of Tokushima and even get a view of Awaji Island and the Kii Peninsula off in the distance if the weather is good. There is also an economical set ticket on sale so that you can see Awa Odori performances, the Awa Odori Museum and get onto the Bizan Ropeway. In addition, there is also the Awahenro Soba Teuchi School on the 5th floor where you can learn how to pound the soba dough by yourself and then eat the completed soba right there.

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