Shirashima Coast

The most spectacular picturesque area of Dogo Island, the northernmost island of tThe most spectacular picturesque area of Dogo Island, the northernmost island of the Oki Islands, is an incredible panoramahe Oki Islands, is an incredible panorama

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At Shirashima Coast, which is a specially protected district within a national park, a wonderful scene consisting of rock formations, blue sea and pine trees spreads out, and the views from the observation point and excursion boats are popular.
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One of the great picturesque areas of the Oki Islands

The coast of this island consisting of countless numbers of inlets and islets has been carved out through eons of wind and sea erosion. The entire area is filled with thriving pine trees, and against the white cliffs and blue ocean, an exquisite contrast is born. Those white cliffs melt into the sea fog so that even rainy days are attractive for the mysterious landscape. It is often said that while the Kuniga Coast on Nishinoshima Island is masculine, Shirashima Coast has a more feminine air.

A wonderful view from an observation point that differs from left to right

Coming up from the parking area, there is an observation point on the right side and Cape Shirashima Lighthouse on the left side with a nature trail heading up to the observation point. Shirashima Coast is made up of 3 types of volcanic rock with pink rhyolite on the western side and white trachyte and black basalt on the eastern side so that a landscape which differs as you go from left to right can be enjoyed. During days of good weather, 200 degrees of horizon can be seen so that the roundness of the Earth can be realized again. The largest islet by Shirashima Coast, Shirashima, has Shirashima Shrine which can be accessed on foot from Cape Shirashima Lighthouse.

Beautiful scenery seen from an excursion boat

The view from the touring boat is also wonderful. On the cape jutting out to the east of Port Nakamura, Yoroi (Armor) Rock and Kabuto (Helmet) Rock which have been designated nationally as Places of Scenic Beauty and Natural Monuments and Jusengai, the 200-meter high cliff all along the coast that looks like the trunk of an enormous elephant, Ningyo Cave and other fantastic rock formations can be seen. Dogo Island (also known as Okinoshima) has been called Lion Island since it looks like a sleeping lion, and it is also famous as the breeding grounds for the marine bird known as the streaked shearwater which is a Natural Monument. Depending on the weather, there are times when excursion cruises are cancelled so you will want to check beforehand.

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