Dangyo-no-Taki Waterfalls

Two waterfalls representing Oki UNESCO Geopark that you can view from behind

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The two waterfalls which are known as the “Osu” (male) Falls and the “Mesu” (female) falls have been selected as two of Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls. The view from behind the Osu Waterfall is well worth seeing. The spring water is considered sacred.
Dangyo-no-taki Waterfolls, Shimane
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The two waterfalls that have been included in Japan’s Top 100 Waterfalls

Dangyo-no-Taki is located on Dogo Island, one of the Oki Islands, and takes about 50 minutes by car to reach from Port Saigo. Its two waterfalls flow on either side of Dangyo Shrine which is built on a cliff that is reminiscent of a folding screen, with the larger waterfall to the right rising 50m while on the left is the smaller waterfall which is 40m high. Both have been designated as two of the Top 100 Waterfalls in the nation. The larger waterfall is unusual in that tourists can also view it from behind. When you look up at the high waterfall, it feels as if you’ve gotten lost in a cave. At the parking area, there is a tall twin-trunk cedar tree along with other cedars lining the sando path beyond the torii gate heading to the shrine.

The water from the waterfalls selected as one of the Top 100 Waters

The water from the falls has been worshiped as sacred water from ancient times. The river source close to the waterfalls has water (The Spring Water of Dangyo-no-Taki) which has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Waters in Japan. It has been considered to be life-extending water due to claims that it has extended the life of the elderly, and there are many worshipers who drink the water at the fountain. In addition, there is a goddess of victory residing in the area which has led to the water also being considered good for winning so that it is drunk by many participants in traditional Oki sumo and bull sumo competitions early on the day of the bouts to cleanse the body.

The oldest bull sumo tournament on the Oki Islands with an 800-year history

Dangyo Shrine is located at the 5th stage on Mt. Yoko, a major peak on Dogo Island. And on September 1st every year, the Hassaku Festival is held in which the oldest competition on the islands, the 800-year-old bull sumo contests, takes place as entertainment. The whole spectacle was designated by Shimane Prefecture as a Prefectural Intangible Folk Cultural Property under the name of “Dangyo Shrine Hassaku Festival Bull Sumo Customs”; these are precious cultural customs that have been passed down over time which include the pilgrimage of the bulls to the shrine, a dinner party and various other celebrations on the day before the event. Visitors from outside the island come in great numbers to see the fierce battles of the bulls chosen on the day of the tournament.

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