Rosoku-jima (Candle Rock)

The best view in Dogo (Okinoshima Island)! The sunset lights Rosoku-jima like a candle

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Northwest of the Oki Islands, there is a strangely shaped rock known as Rosoku-jima (Candle Rock). It stands erect in the middle of the sea and it is a popular sightseeing spot in Dogo (or Okinoshima Island). The view from the ferry the moment the sunset lights Candle Rock is something that cannot be missed.
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Rosoku-jima, soaring 20m above the surface of the ocean

The largest of the Oki Islands is Dogo Island. 500m offshore northwest of the island is Rosoku-jima which soars up to 20m from the sea. This strangely-shaped rock is just one of the islands that make up the Oki Islands and is considered part of Daisen-Oki National Park. It is an uninhabited island that measures a mere 0.0033km2 in area. Created from volcanic rock from an eruption some 5 million years ago, this tall and narrow rock which resembles a candle leaves quite an impression. Rosoku-jima was given its name due to the sight of the setting sun at the top of the rock which makes it appear like a glowing candle.

The flame of the candle which can only be seen from an excursion vessel

The moment when the setting sun alights over Rosoku-jima can only be experienced from the top of an excursion boat. Being able to see this depends on weather conditions such as clouds and winds, but September and October are months especially when the air is clear so that beautiful sunsets can be witnessed during that time. The voyage on the boat lasts approximately 1 hour. Departing at the right time to catch the sunset, a veteran captain will help you spend a wonderful time at dusk as you enjoy plenty of sights to see including Fukuura Tunnel and Teppoiwa (Gun Rock).

The view from the observation point

If the trip on the excursion boat is cancelled due to inclement weather but you still want to see Rosoku-jima nearby, then the observation point is suggested. When you go down the nature trail 850 meters one way from the parking lot, there is an island observation point. The soaring rock sharply juts out from the surface of the water so that you can closely and clearly view its candle-like shape right down to the core of its tip. Please be aware that there are two observation points in the area. The No. 1 observation area right by the parking lot is the one for Ojirobana Garden (although you can still see the rock) while the No. 2 area is for Rosoku-jima.

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