Underwater Viewing Boat AMANBOW

The Sea of Japan’s first semi-submerged tour boat on which you can get views over and under the sea

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The semi-submerged tour boat which sails by one of the three Douzen Islands, Nakanoshima, provides views underwater and above water, and even has night cruises.
Business Hours
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 6:0 AM )

April 1st-October 31st, 4 trips per day (5 trips a day from July 14th-August 31st) [close] November 1st-March 31st
Adult: 2,000 YEN
Children: 1,000 YEN

Night cruise (reservations required for groups of 5 or more) Adults 1500 yen, children 700 yen
海中展望船あまんぼう 1365-5 Fukui Amacho Oki-gun, Shimane
(0851) 42-0101

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An excursion boat where you can enjoy views above and under water

The area of ocean by the town of Ama on Nakanoshima, one of the three Douzen Islands, is the first diving spot in the Sea of Japan, and is known for its very clear waters. There are a number of excursion vessels which travel through the larger Oki Islands which include the Douzens but the one popular ship is the AMANBOW which sails by Ama. The first semi-submerged tour boat in the Sea of Japan, there is an open deck at the top of the boat while the bottom has been made into an underwater observation deck so that you can get those great views above and under water.

An excursion cruise with a variety of ways to enjoy yourself

AMANBOW provides a 50-minute cruise where you will first want to enjoy the view from the open deck. Differing from the wonderful view from the land, you can see the endless sea, the uninhabited islands that dot the ocean, the dynamic sight of volcanic islands and other features. The No. 1 highlight is the Place of Scenic Beauty, Saburoiwa. Describing 3 volcanic rocks which have undergone marine erosion, the balance of the 3 fantastically-shaped rocks which have been dubbed Taro, Jiro and Saburo is a mystery of nature. The underwater observation room with its sides covered in glass feels as if you are inside a large water tank. You can view the white sands and seaweed thriving underwater as well as numerous fish including schools of bream, sea perch and blackfish. During feeding time when food is given to the fish in the ocean, the sight of the fish ravenously eating the food and then chasing after the boat is adorable.

The night cruise where you can observe the mysterious phosphorescent creatures

There are also night cruises between April and October. While viewing the starry sky with a night breeze, you can observe underwater bioluminescence and experience a world of mystery. Please note that for parties of 5 or more people, reservations are necessary.

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