Tsutenkyo Arch

The largest example of picturesque scenery on the Oki Islands, it is an arched rock on the Kuniga Coast

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This arched rock which protrudes right into the sea is located on Nishinoshima, one of the Oki Islands. The wonderful landscape of the Kuniga Coast which includes Tsutenkyo can be enjoyed from a nature trail, an observation point and an excursion boat.
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A splendid scenic spot of the Oki Islands

The Kuniga Coast which stretches for 7km in northwest Nishinoshima is a special preservation district within Daisen-Oki National Park that has also been designated nationally as a Natural Monument as the largest scenic zone of the Oki Islands. Tsutenkyo Arch is a symbolic rock formation located on the coast. The center of a giant rock which was formed from volcanic activity over 5 million years ago was eroded away by the sea to form an arch. Even now, this erosion is continuing. The observation point is 10 minutes away by car from Port Urago.

Enjoy a variety of activities such as marine sports, a nature trail and an excursion cruise

The path from the parking area leads to a plaza-like observation area from where not only Tsutenkyo and the emerald sea but also rock formations including Kannoniwa (Kannon Rock) and Zoubana-iwa (Elephant’s Trunk Rock) can be seen. On the Nishinojima Walking Course which has been chosen as one of the Top 100 Nature Trails in the country, you can enjoy some wonderful scenery as well as cows and horses walking leisurely and Kuniga Shrine with its small torii gate along the rocky coast. There are also periodic tour vessels off the coast. Furthermore, you can enjoy marine sports such as a scuba diving, sea kayaking, yachting, row boating and canoeing through which you can go to places which the excursion boats cannot enter.

View the wonderful scenery at Akao and Kibu

On the peninsula which juts out at the southern part of the Kuniga Coast, there is the wooden Akao Observation Point. This is a popular spot from where you can get a full view below of Tsutenkyo, Kuniga Beach, Tenjokai, and Matengai Cliff. The light of the fires to lure fish onto the fishing boats seen after the sun sets is particularly lovely. As well, as you go further south, you will come across Kibu Observation Point. Unlike Akao, Kibu has a pastoral atmosphere and during the summer, golden blossoms of sunflower spread all over the area. It’s also the perfect place for a drive.

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