Mt. Akahage and Akakabe

Two view spots on the smallest island of the Oki Islands

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Mt. Akahage and the Natural Monument-designated Akakabe are popular scenic spots located on the smallest of the 4 Oki Islands, Chiburijima.
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Mt. Akahage which is also a farm

Chiburijima is the closest of the Oki Islands to the main island of Honshu and it is also seen as the gateway to the islands. The 325m-high Mt. Akahage is located on the western side of the island. Although it is a mountain, the entire region is farmland which resembles a rounded prairie where cows and horses can be seen everywhere. Since the road heading to the mountain is also part of the pasture, cows can be seen walking on that road. You will feel at ease from the sight of cows lazily spending their time.

A superb viewing spot overlooking all 4 of the Oki Islands

There are a number of observation points on the Oki Islands, but the highest one is the observation point on Mt. Akahage. Located some 20 minutes away from Port Kurii by car, from this point, you can get a 360-degree panoramic view which includes all 4 of the Oki Islands, and if the weather is clear, you can even see the Shimane Peninsula and Mt. Daisen in Shimane Prefecture. During the Golden Week holidays from April into May, flowers of the wild radish bloom which paint the entire peak in pink. The contrast is magnificent with the blue of the sky and sea, the green of the grass and the pink of the flowers.

The high cliff of Akakabe created by nature

The massive steep cliff of Akakabe located at the southwestern point of the island has been nationally designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty and a Natural Monument. Akakabe is a huge cliff stretching for about 1km consisting of basalt infused with iron and tuff rock. In terms of height, the cliff can range from 50m to its highest point of 200m. Due to the degree of the weathering, the coloring of the cliff changes through red, yellow, purple and other colors to create a brilliant contrast. Akakabe is also known for the beauty of its scenery at sunset with its rock face taking on a scarlet color when the sun goes down. Along with its status as an observation point, ocean cruising in the area is also popular.

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