Oita African Safari

A safari park where you can observe wild animals up close, located in the natural environment of Oita

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A safari park popular with adults and children alike. You can observe and feed the large animals through the fenced window as the bus moves through the park.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Sunday ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )
Weekdays ( 12:0 AM ~ 12:0 AM )

3/1-10/31 9am-5pm 11/1-2/28 10am-4pm ※There is a night safari offered at limited times such as long weekends 5pm-7:20pm [close] Open all year (even on rainy days)
Adult: 2,500 YEN
Children: 1,400 YEN

The Jungle Bus requires separate admission: Adults 1100 yen Children 900 yen
2-1755-1 Ajimumachi Minamihata, Usa-shi, Oita
(0978) 48-2331

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Tour the Safari Zoo by bus and make contact with animals in the Petting Zoo

On its 1.15 million㎡ of grassland, there are 1400 lions, giraffes, elephants and other wild animals representing 70 species inhabiting all over the area to create Japan’s largest safari park. Either through your own car or the Jungle Bus, you can tour through the Safari Zoo where you can closely observe mighty herbivores and carnivores, and then at the Petting Zoo, you can make contact with small animals such as miniature horses and guinea pigs. Also within this area, there are the Kangaroo Forest and the Squirrel Monkey Forest.

The popular Jungle Bus where you can experience the spectacular feeding of the animals

The popular Safari Zoo is divided into 6 zones among which within the area where you can closely observe the large animals residing happily over the huge expanse, you are able to tour freely in your own car and also rent a DVD guide. However, the windows of your car must be kept closed during the tour. The big highlight of the Jungle Bus is an original habitat observation bus which moves about while you feed wild animals including lions, tigers and giraffes. Boarding large buses which resemble cute lions or rhinos, you can leisurely take in at close range animals right in front of your eyes through the chain-link mesh and large windows which provide a great view all around. Food is distributed to each passenger to give out to every kind of animal as you board the bus so that you can feed them through the mesh by tongs. The animals will gather around to get at the food so that you can get that close-up and personal view of them in a near-natural habitat including lions gnawing at the meat, animals placidly eating away or other beasts trying to intimidate and snatch away at the food in a show of the survival of the fittest, a sight that is appealing to both adults and children. The Jungle Bus tends to get crowded so prior online reservations are recommended. You can specify the time of your ride so you can get a good bargain by purchasing the set including park entry and the Jungle Bus at a discount. There are also a restaurant and a souvenir shop within the park.

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5 years ago
Unhappy Lions
I will first start off by saying that you had a good idea for this animal Park. The problem here is the Lions. The way they are treated is unnatural. When they are lead into the park from their pens, they look extremely unhappy. No where in the world have I ever seen a group of male lions be together and not fight. It looks like their spirit has been sucked out of them. They go and get food from the tourists in the buses and must feel so wholeheartedly humiliated. It is not in their nature too beg for food. I worry about their health, happiness and lifespan. Please reconsider the way you treat the Lions. I am going to recommend to all American tourist to avoid this "tourist trap" as it is a place that is cruel to animals. Start treating the Lions more humanely, and you will reap more prosperity and happiness. Regards, S.Ford Animal Lover Admirer of Japanese Culture Business Traveler
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