Beppu Onsen Hoyoland

A mixed gender “onsen”. A natural mud bath infused with minerals, unusual in Japan

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This is a public bath deep in the mountains. It is a natural mud bath, beneficial to the skin, originating from deep underground. The facility includes hot springs for both mixed and gender specific bathing.
Business Hours
Saturday ( 9:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
Sunday ( 9:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
Weekdays ( 9:0 AM ~ 8:0 PM )
Adult: 1,100 JPY
Children: 600 JPY
5 Myoban, Beppu-shi, Oita
(0977) 66-2221

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An onsen deep within the quiet scenery of the mountains with a long history

Myoban Onsen is one of the 8 hot springs collectively known as Beppu Hatto, which includes Beppu Onsen with the largest number of source springs and largest yield of hot spring water in Japan, and is located at the highest altitude. Myoban (which refers to the mineral encrustations with its crystals of aluminum and iron sulfate compounds), whose waters were greatly treasured as a remedy for stopping bleeding and diarrhea, was founded on this land, and even now there are thatched-roof huts with these encrustations among which there are venerable public bath houses. Beppu Onsen Hoyoland is one of those popular bath houses with a doro-yu (mud bath) which uses a high-temperature hot spring.

A mud bath where you can obtain beautiful skin through a natural mud pack

There are a wide variety of baths including an open-air mixed mud bathing area, an indoor mud bathing area, a colloidal sulfur medicinal onsen and a sauna separated for men and women which all use 100% natural spring water. The medicinal bath contains cloudy white water whose colloidal particles are known for whitening skin while the open-air mixed bathing area has a strong sulfurous smell and cloudy water. The indoor mud bathing area separated for men and women has mud mixed into the warm cloudy water and the mud at the bottom can be used as a pack on your skin. Penetration into the skin is quick due to the high heat retention and density of the particles so a long effective soak would be considered 10 minutes. Once you take off the mud and go out, there is the open-air mud bath separated for men and women whose waters are connected to the open-air mixed mud bathing area. There is a partition between the areas for men and women, and the bath is good for being able to see the mountains and bridge far off in the distance. Behind this area, there is a smaller open-air mixed mud bathing area but when going there, it is recommended that women wrap a towel around themselves. It is not allowed to wear bathing suits or use towels in the baths.

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